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Coal's Time: Past, Present and Future?

No description

Chance Morgan

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Coal's Time: Past, Present and Future?

Coal- Past, Present, Future? By Chance M. and MJ Slide 1
Coal's Background in WV

Time for a little history... Slide 2
Coal's Current Impact

Discussing America's biggest powerhouse... and polluter.
Slide 3
Coal VS Wind

Also known as-
Bad vs. Worse Slide 11
The New Face of Electricity

An industrial-size Energizer Bunny. Slide 4
Coal VS Nuclear

Pollution or mutation? Slide 5
Coal VS Geothermal

A rare and ineffective type of power Slide 6
Coal VS Hydroelectric

A relative newcomer Slide 7
Coal VS Oil

An alternative to the same thing Slide 8
Coal VS Gas

One in the same Slide 9
Coal VS

Enviroment Destroying and Enviroment Saving Slide 10
Coal in 20 years

A dying standard Slide 12

What have I done?
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