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Becoming a Engineer

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Becoming a Engineer

Physical Science
Being a electrician
What do I need to work on as an Electrician
Honestly, I would be perfect for the job. I meet all of the key requirements: I have good physical fitness, good vision because I can see all different color wires and good hand-eye coordination. Also, I like math so I can know what is the proper voltage for different circuits and appliances.
What degrees would I need
An Electrician can become certified through a Vocational School or get an Associates degree. Other degrees for Electrical Engineers are for specialized trades, like working with railway trains, airplanes and other transportation and also media events or television.
What about that

The pay for an Electrician can vary. Most make about $51,110 and that is higher than the mean salary of a U.S worker of $48,320.
What does a electrician do?
Electricians brings electricity to our homes, phones all over our city. Electricians also makes sure that the air conditioner works and that it stays the right temperature in our school and at home.
Key Requirements
What an Electrician needs to be is fit. They have to have good hand eye coordination and have to see colors well so that they do not cross or mix up important wires and cause an explosion or fire.
Becoming a Electrician
I chose to be a Electrician because it seemed interesting and it was on the Physical Science list. My science in a bag project was on my first home-run ball and it was dealing with force and motion. Electricity powers so many things in our lives and it is everywhere.

All they were really talking about in the interview was about the key requirements, but one thing I did learn was that if you have a good since of smell to tell if anything is leaking or not. There is really no more to this job so I hope you enjoyed my prezi about becoming a electrician.
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