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Carbon Cycle

The Carbon Cycle and all its aspects. "Carbons flow through life."

Alex Craig

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Carbon Cycle

The Carbon Cycle It's how Carbon is re-used throughout our enviroment
What is it? Carbon is stored in several forms... As Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere Disolved in oceans As Limestone And as Fossil Fuels
Enters the Community through... Asorbsion by plants from the atmosphere as carbon dioxide Absorbed by seaweed in the dissolved form Fossil fules underground re-enter the community when they are taken up by humans. Carbon is stored in their bodies, usually for life. The carbon is released when they die by decomposers that break the consumer down and breath carbon out, releasing it ino the atmospere. Carbons way to the atmosphere When humans burn it as fossil fuel When humans cut the rain forest and burn them This releases the plants stored carbon Carbon Numbers Since 1850 carbon in the air has increased 36% Humans release 7 billion tons of carbon each year
into the atmosphere Deforestation acounts for 15 - 20% of human emissions Plants are eaten by consumers Enters the consumer cycle Balanceing act Carbon may be building in the Atmosphere
because of the rate humans release it may not be equal
to how fast plants can reabsorb it. To avoid any possible problems from this 35 industrialized countries
have pledged to reduce their collective emissions of carbon to levels
5.2% below 1990 levels. If this works the carbon cycle will be completely in balance
any will continue unchanged forever. By Rebecca Maverick
and Alex Craig
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