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No description

Ryan Whitcomb

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Greenland

Greenland By: Ryan Whitcomb Population: 55,000 Residential Citizens 20% Born outside Greenland Surprising due to Greenland's LARGE size National Flag Similar to Greenland's parent country, Denmark Designed by Thue Christiansen in 1985 Symbolizes the sun rising over the po9lar ice Languages Danish Greenlandic (An Inuit dialect) Other Eskimo dialects Religion 90% Evangelical Lutheran Government Part of the Kingdom of Denmark Self-governing overseas division of Denmark since 1979 Capital: Nuuk (godthab) Constitution created June 5th, 1953 (Danish) Danish Legal System Suffrage at 18 years of age Economy Growth rate of 0.6% in 1997 Annual revenue of $706,000,000 Annual expenditures of $697,000,000 Receives support from Danish government $427,000,000 Currency is Danish Kroner 6.916 Danish Kroner (DKR) = 1 US Dollar (USD) Gender Differences Reasearch shows increased outmigration of women from native villages. Consequently many villages are compromised of young and old males (Hence the large margin of working males. Recent History In 1979 Greenland became independent from Denmark Ancient History Norse (Vikings) traveled to Greenland ~1,000 years ago Greenlanders established the first Christian church to North America Ancient practices are still existent Making your own kayak Theater The End I Hope you enjoyed my Greenland presentation Any questions or comments? If so, GOOGLE IT! 4/23/10
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