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LEED-ND Tool-Camden, NJ

Greensboro, Cottage Grove South English Street Neighborhood Analysis via LEED-ND

Chrissy Pullig-Gomez

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of LEED-ND Tool-Camden, NJ

NPD "trees lower the temperature, draw carbon dioxide from the atmoshpere, produce oxygen and reduce the amount of pullutants that run into nearby waterbodies" GIB GIB Where AGENDA
Introductions/Meeting Overview
LEED-ND for Neighborhood Planning
Mt. Ephraim Corridor via LEED-ND
Opportunity Areas
Group Discussion What is LEED-ND? Compact. Connected. Complete. What SLL How A Way to Measure Sustainability LEED-ND Assessment thank you... Workshop Feedback Added to our Final Assessment
Policy Recommendations for City (6-8 weeks)
Follow-up with City Staff on Implementation Issues Site Location and Linkage Green Building and Infrastructure Walking/Biking Neighborhood Assets Neighborhood Pattern and Design www.usgbc.org/neighborhoods Discussion Topics Vacant Land Neighborhood Challenges Camden, NJ
Mt. Ephraim Corridor Neighborhood Challenges What would you like to see on the vacant land?
What would encourage you to walk and bike more?
What services and amenities would you like to see?
What type of development do you want to see in the neighborhood? Group Discussion Miller Homes
Residential Redevelopment
Trenton, NJ
LEED-ND v2009
Stage 1 Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment City Wide & Neighborhood Plans Community Workshop The Renaissance at
McGinley Square
Jersey City, NJ
LEED-ND v2009
Stage 1 Assessment Area FINDINGS SLL NPD GIB Walkable Streets Transit Few Local Jobs Amenities Lack of Trees New Investment Community Gardens/
Access to Fresh Food Human Capital Amenities Safety Concerns Weak Development Market Lack of Bike Facilities Character of the Neighborhood Flooding How We Fit in... Choice Neighborhoods & Transformation Plan $$ Sustainable Neighborhood Assessment LEED-ND Total Possible Points 100 Certified 40+
Silver 50+
Gold 60+
Platinum 80+ Vacant Land Findings Neighborhood Assets
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