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Welcome to Ambrosia

No description

George Deligiannakis

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Ambrosia

Elements of Ambrosia
Problem Leading to Potential Opportunity
No current attractions in downtown Waterbury
No Greek yogurt bars or Mediterranean cafes in the area
Idea will bring life into downtown Waterbury so people will actually want to be in the area
Satisfaction with downtown environment = Increased demand to live there
No plans to target any specific age group
Looking to attract those:
Who are "health-conscious"
Students or workers in the area on break
Customers looking for a "second haven"
Quiet study space
Trendy meeting place for pleasure (as well as business)
Because the idea of a "Greek Yogurt Bar" is unique, customers will drive to indulge in the "guilt-free" pleasure our sweet snack offers
Froyo World - W Main St.
Peachwave - E Main St.
The Big Dipper - Waterbury Rd
FroyoWorld LLC - Middlebury Rd.
Swirls Frozen Yogurt Bar, LLC - Watertown Ave.
Dippy's Ice Cream & Cakes - Lakewood Rd.
Froyoworld Wolcott Rd.
Peachwave - Main ST.

About The Location
196 Grand Street
Downtown Waterbury, CT
Central location
Close to major highways (RT 84 & RT 8)
Easily accessible
1,600 square feet
Ideal size for a start-up business
Innovative Solution
So what is Ambrosia?
Welcome to Ambrosia
Launch Plan!
Yes, Greek yogurt is in demand, but how can I get people to want MY product?
I do plan to have a website up and running as well as maintaining a Facebook and Twitter, but social media will be much more beneficial further down the road once I've established my brand.

1 Mile 3 mile 5 Mile
4,442 35,024 127,131
Total H H
1,573 13,338 49,311
Average Income
$65,725 $49,003 $39,803
Fixed (monthly):
Rent plus utilities: $2,000
Taxes: $101.37
Insurance: $44.22

Manager (1): $20 per hour
"Yogurt Servers" (6): $9.50 per hour

Budgeting about $35,000 for initial costs, which include furnishings, decor, supplies, and cost of the 2 "bins" needed to strain the yogurt.

With a a 5 year lease, to a qualified Tenant; Landlord to provide:
New HVAC (5 ton)
Vanilla Box build out (sheet rocked walls ready for paint - new ceiling tiles
$1.50 allowance for flooring
Handicapped bathroom
Fun Fact:
Greek yogurt is easier to ingest for lactose intolerant people because of the intricate straining process it goes through!
These are just a few rough sketches of the overall floor plan
Ideas For Space
Organic milk: Bought directly from Back to the Future Farms in Upstate, NY.
Any baking needs for desserts, greens for salads, and fruits & vegetables for preservatives will be bought directly from Restaurant Depot in Hartford, CT.
Coffees and teas will be bought and shipped from Titan Foods in Astoria, NY.
Greek yogurt will be sold in pints if customers wish
Preservatives will also be sold in jars if customers would like to carry the product in "bulk"
Coffee and tea will also be sold in packages if customers wish to brew their own at home
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