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No description

navin amruthur

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of poem


Alone in the whispering meadows swaying
In the wind, in the forest smells,
Imbibing the raindrops and the dew
Holding on to foresee an unknown meet
Adore flies in search from time to time
To string a word entailing it as life

navin Reflection waves
Conscious waves in reflection
Saying you will fade as me in the air
Be contained in sync with life, spill no more

Froze aground

The flights conceived froze aground
Unable to raise the heavy heart towards the heavens
Baffled amid to fly the heaviness

Out in the vast blues
from the greens, In the Umbilical cord
fleck of reds I am, here and there

Heart beat
Warm Delusions gleaming in the doors
Compose a rhythmic beat of love
Heart fuel a castle
Eyes follow the shifting windows
Visioning hues on the canvas
Mind listens to that beat

Hi i am navin

some time i just tried to write my reflections on the images ,which were impactful... little girl
Beholding a Stranger's love
finger Circles thoughts
Searching to hide inside
Wouldn't wanting to get inside the sand

Meandering stroll
accompanying hope
Towards horizon Meditate

Emerged a sonnet
Hushed in solitude
Poised in elevation
Colligated like a truth
Wondered the poets curl in feel

Just Trying to hang on to a adore
Calling it to be a dream of dream
Perched a naive soul, spreading poem of love
Song was over, when they called their love
coiled like a feared millipede
Loath to show any emotion
feeling the heart was struck
hiding a shame of no consequence to any
it pained without wound Lone
A wait of shrilling lone silence
a flip can break this stillness, but for the butterfly's onset
For now let the toe draw the flipping dream LOVE
Hurled in air like a bird
For a free fall, then held a cord
bewitched like a pearl
In a shell devoid of split
I live, so I curled in love to a thread Lone artist

In dearth to even dampen eyes
Without a soul to chunter a cause
Winds whistles in unknown goliath
Stirring the sands from rest to unrest
Moving the art in dunes every moment Gone astray your warm clasp
In the sinking light
But the splendor here eclipses my remorse
Recalling those comely smiles of yours
Akin to halo of the veil Kindly light splashes the warmth
In raise, in grace of red, orange, yellow, so on
Picturing me from silhouette to flying spirit
I wait for this, ever day of my life, of this change
Being the part of this painting, charging my soul Ending ordeals in the oceans
Averse to leave blue waters
Though wrecked in time
By the shore, along the waves
Love is hummed in silence
From traveler of yore journeys look farther than sky
Entrenched to quest
Penance in peace The husk holding the grain in its shell Said
In sun, rain and cold, even beyond the weather
You and I from this blade of grass have
Something to do, may Be the chain as the journey
Between unknowns and beyond touch each other
I hold you within until you are able to do this to else
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