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Crows Nest Pop-up Culture

Concept for using empty retail spaces in Crows Nest to boost culture and commerce.

Sophie Greenfield

on 1 September 2011

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Transcript of Crows Nest Pop-up Culture

Benefits for Landlords Research What's the Idea? The Potential Project Team Structure: Problem: there are many empty
retail spaces in Crows Nest that
are getting run-down.

Solution: with a 30 day rolling
licence, Artists and designers could
fill the spaces boosting commerce
and culture in Crows Nest. "Every empty space is
a lost opportunity..."
Marcus Westbury Transparent process
Enhance the existing
Crows Nest offer... Set up a project where
landlords can choose creative
'initiativists' for their empty
Encourage partnerships between
local businesses and fledgling
creative enterprises... The Process Benefits for creatives! The Proposal Before... After... Visited the Rocks Pop-up*
Interviewed Cathy Levins-Byres
Met Anique Vered
Interviewed stall holders
Watched the video... Did some homework...!

Conducted plenty of internet research
Discovered 'The Empty Spaces' site
Contacted Dr Lisa Andersen at UTS
Read about 'Renew Newcastle'
Contacted Renew's organiser:
Marcus Westbury
Opened a blog at 'Culture map'
Spoke to Lauren at Crows Nest, 'Mainstreet' (association of traders) 1. 3. 2. 4. Created a draft proposal
Got feedback*

Presented proposal to Genia at Mainstreet/NSC meeting
Got feedback

Set up meetings with Precincts and
Community engagement officers
at the NSC 5. Attended the 'Renew Newcastle
presentation by Marcus Westbury
at Gadens Lawyers (10th Aug).

Met Marcus Westbury and invited
him to present to North Sydney.

He agreed! Walked the streets of Crows Nest
and did a photo-survey of 30
empty retail spaces

Created a custom Google map of
these locations for future reference... http://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?msid=208535191759377294210.0004a8f0999ad4d723d71&msa=0 Crows Nest Empty Spaces It's called 'meanwhile usage'... Important
Details! "Light a candle
don't curse
the darkness..."
anon Research
Collaborate and communicate

Set up a team
Agree aims, terms conditions
Enlist landlords and local businesses
Get partners and funding
Agree participant application process

Go Ahead
Brand and market the event
Get in participants
Get landlords to approve participants
Install participants

Launch event! 6. Thanks! For more info visit:

Or contact:
Sophie Greenfield
Mobile: 0431 660 973
sophie.greenfield@gmail.com Project Manager Administrative Body Existing Precinct
or a new ABN listed
independent body? Creative Director Partners & Sponsors NSC, Mainstreet
Precincts etc
Sponsors tba... Ensure processes are
in place to facilitate
smooth operation of
the project... Community liaison
Support of participants
Brand and market
event in print/online
Oversee fit-outs Community & Participants Landlords & Local
Business Partners NSC Community
Engagement Officers And for Crows Nest? http://renewnewcastle.org http://renewnewcastle.org An active space
will encourage
retail to return!! Less decay
less grafitti Property
protection &
renewal Grow the long
-term value
of the property Opportunity to
kickstart their
creative enterprise.
Access to a work
and retail space! 'Increase in visitors and tourists.
Providing start-up opportunities for uniquely local, creatives/designers.
Reductions in vandalism, squatting and other illegal behaviours.
Improving the appearance of retail precincts by replacing 'to let' and vacant spaces.
A boost to local businesses.' It'll be win, win! Huge thanks to Marcus Westbury: http://renewnewcastle.org *Thanks to Bryony Cooper! *Thanks to Andrea Mitchell!!
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