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Transforming the Saint Mary's College Library

No description

Gina Kessler Lee

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Transforming the Saint Mary's College Library

Transforming the Saint Mary's College Library
Originally built for student population of 800
38,000 square ft.
281 seats
6 group study spaces
2 quiet zones
During midterms and finals, packed to capacity
Architecture amplifies noise
Create an innovative, information- and technology-rich environment supporting 21st-century discovery, learning, and creation
Create a center where the college's academic life can flourish
Create a physical library that keeps pace with our sophisticated virtual library
Just-in-time research and technology support
Flexible spaces to support current and future needs
Blending information, training and technology to develop students' ability to discover, analyze, adapt, create, and communicate in new and evolving ways
The Library Building
Research Assistance
Technologies for Teaching & Learning
Instruction Spaces
Exhibits and Events
Built for student population of 4,200
60,000 square ft.
720 seats
Variety of quiet and collaborative environments
18 group study spaces
Computing support & digital media rooms
Two smart instruction rooms
Shelving space for a robust and highly used print collection
Intuitive wayfinding
Flexibility for expansion and adaptation
In 2013-14:
267 library sessions,
3,648 students reached,
1 windowless classroom furnished with 20 laptops and seating for 27 people
15 iPads for ancillary classroom use of conference room
Dedicated space for library instruction
Accommodate large classes of 30 students or more
Technology and space that promotes active learning and collaboration, with a librarian as a guide
15 iPads for classroom use
6 flatbed scanners
20 old hardwired laptops
1 smart board
1 presentation practice room
Inspiring spaces for quiet study and contemplation
Group study rooms equipped for f2f and virtual collaboration
Flexible and configurable spaces and furnishings
Technologies and spaces for new modes of authoring (production studio; makerspace; immersive displays for visualization, simulation, gaming)
Study Spaces
6 group study rooms,
reserved 1,694 times in 2013-14

Over 40% of coursework at SMC is group work

According to the 2012 CIRP College Senior Survey, only
of SMC students reported satisfaction with the library facilities, vs.
for the national average
18 group study rooms
Digital media collaboration spaces
Variety of study environments
Flexible space to grow and adapt
Our Vision
A single point for research assistance and technological help.
Approachable space for comfortable collaboration
Technology that aids in patron-librarian interaction
In 2013-14, librarians answered 5,763 reference/information queries
Librarians respond to reference questions in person and via chat, text, email, and phone 64 hours per week during the academic semesters
No space large or flexible enough to comfortably hold large campus events, readings, receptions
Small display cases scattered throughout the library
Exhibits behind glass limit interaction with materials
17 exhibits in 2014-15
Large, prominent display cases that draw attention to exhibits
Touchscreens to provide digital component to exhibits
Pop-up spaces to highlight class projects, faculty research, cocurricular events
Large, flexible, community spaces for research presentations, faculty events, and receptions to bring people together in the library
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