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Mystery Shopper Scam

No description

Alexandria Rasmussen

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Mystery Shopper Scam

Mystery Shopper Avoid being scammed Related Scams How to avoid being scammed What to do if scammed Cashier's Checks Example This is a common mystery shopper scam. More than likely you have found sites that promise to give you lists of the companies that are "currently hiring" mystery shoppers for real mystery shopping jobs. Most will try to convince you with some sense of urgency that the only way to gain mystery shopping information is by purchasing their list or program.These programs range in price from $15-50, with most being around $30. These are total secret shopping scams. Pyramid Scheme: Secret shopper and Mystery shopper scams are closely related to the pyramid schemes in the way that they don't only target a single person, they target multiple people who then expand the network by refering others. These are the checks in which the scammer sends to the victim after notifying them through email of the chance they have of becoming a mystery shopper. Once these checks are deposited and the victim wires money the the scammer, the bank notifies the victim of the false check and that it has bounced. REALIZE scam artists are professionals - everyone is a potential victim.SUSPECT all "Get Rich Fast" schemes.ALWAYS lock your doors when doing yard work, getting the mail, or anytime you go outside - both the front and back doors.NEVER allow strangers inside your home.ASK "officials" to produce identification, and confirm their alleged employment.CONTACT the utility company by telephone if any purported city employee wants to enter your home, or requests you to go outside with him/her.
DISPLAY "No Solicitation" and "Beware of Dog" signs near your residence door.BE WARY of any unexpected contact with strangers (in person or on the telephone).SUSPECT all "Door to Door" sales solicitations ~File a police report. Report the crime to the police immediately. submit a copy of the report to your creditors and others that may require proof of the crime.
~Contact your bank - If you think you’re a victim of identity theft or account fraud, you should call your bank, tell them what happened and ask them to monitor for unusual activity and advice whether you should close the account and open a new checking or savings account.
~Contact the fraud departments Police are warning Roanoke Rapids residents to beware of an email scam that could stick victims with worthless checks.
Capt. Andy Jackson, head of investigations for the Roanoke Rapids Police Department, said two city residents have been victimized by the “secret shopper” scam, but fortunately no one has lost any money. Mystery Shopper Scams Mystery Shopping List & Cashier's Check Mystery Shopping List What can happen? Worst case scenario: you fall victim to a secret shopper scam, you fork out the money only to find that all the exclusive information, and real mystery shopping jobs leads you just purchased can be found for free at various sources online. Yep. Free mystery shopping sites abound online. To be truthful, I myself fell for one of these secret shopper scams when I began to do secret shopping. Its not uncommon. When you find out that you just got ripped off, you feel a little foolish, but other than that it is just a lesson learned the hard way. who do they target? Mystery shopper scams target anybody and everybody. Conclusion So stay smart and stay safe. Don't become a victim of a scam today. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!
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