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Batman: Tragic Hero

No description

Sabrina Jarrar

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Batman: Tragic Hero

Batman: Tragic Hero
Hero is "good or fine".
Batman or Bruce Wayne is rich, he also has an suit that gives him powers, which makes him "good or fine".
Hero has a character flaw
While Batman is trying to save Gotham he kills people in the process and damages the city. He's also very paranoid
Hero has a reversal of fortune.
Batman let his love Rachel Dawes die when he decided to save Harvey Dent instead.
Hero recognizes his mistake
Batman realized he shouldn't saved the girl instead of Harvey Dent when he realized he couldn't save both and she died.
Hero suffers
Bruce Wayne (Batman) becomes depressed after the death of Rachel and it makes him think whether he wants to continue being batman or not.
Hero/ the people experience cleansings.
Batman becomes motivated to kill the joker, who killed Rachel , and over all save Gotham.
Batman : Tragic hero or not?
Yes, Batman is a tragic hero.
Batman is a tragic hero because he has all 6 elements of a tragic hero.
Pictures from google images
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