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Alyssa Compton

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Napoleon

Napoleon! Plain Folk because he looks like a normal guy Transfer: Transfer was often used in politics and during war time. Its used to transfer negative feelings. A B Simplification: He looks like a good king but it doesnt show any emotion C Card stacking because it only shows good things about him like how his posture is and the background. Assertion because its making people think he's the best and it tries to make people already think that he is the best. D E A: 1. Descriptive because its trying to show people how he wouldd have ruled during wartime.
2. Behavior, because him on the horse shows he thinks he's better than everyone else.
3. It does not show actions of the elite, or ordinary people.
4. We can answer that he was rich, had a horse, thought highly of himself, and it shows a lot of information.
5. It can't tell us how he dictated the common people, because it's only him in the photo, which is a little self-centered.
6. It does fit other historians interpretations because they have similar photos. B: 1. The photo is descriptive because it's showing us how he already thinks of himself as a king.
2. It shows the behavior.
3. Does not show beliefs of the ordinary people because he's dressed fancy.
4. We can answer how they dressed and that he was a king. The benefits are that pictures tell you a lot of information.
5.This source cant help us answer what kind of king he was.The limitations are that it only shows what he wore and that he was king, nothing else.
6. Our analysis fits with theirs by saying that Napoleon was a king and that he was very rich.
1. This picture is descriptive because it shows how napoleon dressed and how he is in the high class level.
2. This picture describes behavior because how he is standing looking like he's above everyone else and the background of him.
3. It shows us the beliefs and actions of the elite. Napoleon is a very high class man.
4. We can answer how rich Napoleon actually was and how he lived. benefits are the picture showing how Napoleon lived instead us reading from a book and having to imagine it.
5. Again, it cant help us know how Napoleon ruled france. The limitations from a picture are a picture can only so much on the paper.
6. I think we would have the same idea of this source. Ours supports their argument. 1. Its descriptive by telling us how people viewed Napoleon.
2. This source shows behavior.
3. It kind of tells you about the beliefs; like his outfit shows how he carries himself.
4. There are not many answers we can get off of this painting. well, you can tell that he thinks highly of himself by the way he has two pole things, and he's sitting down instead of standing.
5. It cannot tell us his body mass due to the amount of clothing on him.
6. It would be the same because you really cant tell what Napoleon looks like. E:1. It is descriptive because it shows he fought in battle, you can tell becasue of his outfit.
2. It shows neither, because he actually did fight in the battle.
3. Yes, it kind of shows you the "ordinary" people, because he fought in battle with normal people.
4. If he fought in battle or not.
5. If he is a girl or not, cannot answer if he is a comander or actually fought in the battle.
6. Our analysis fits with theirs by showing behavior.
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