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Earth Day

help save the exotic species of earth

santiago gonzalez

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Earth Day

Double click anywhere & add an idea By: Santiago Gonzalez
Mrs.Alford everyday thousands of
animals get trapped in trash. some cool ones-

some scary ones-

some funny ones-

but we gotta save them all! Many species have
gone extinct due to
careless human activity! some like
the Dodo Bird, The Golden Toad,
Quagga, and many more! Do your part this
earth Day April 22
and recycle before that
trash kills another animal. the end Activities like deforestation,
littering, and dumping are major
causes of extinctions. once an
animal is extinct, its gone, forever. Here are some examples-
Dodo bird- extinct 1681.
Quagga- extinct 1883.
Horned Gopher- extinct 1902.
Sabre Tooth Tiger- extinct about 11,000 years ago.
Golden Toad- extinct 1989.

before After Good thing were
working on better
cars! This effects the environment
because were wiping out species
tens by tens and thousands by
thousands! Credit to: www.images.google.com
www.Wikipedia.com, 50birds.com,
animalport.com, oddee.com, dodosgone.com.
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