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Kingdom Hearts - Journey quest

No description

Andrew Barclay

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Kingdom Hearts - Journey quest

The Ordinary World: Destiny Island -Nothing interesting ever happens -Music and visuals are relaxing -Symbolic of the prophesy
and call to adventure -Gameplay reinforces relaxed atmosphere Paopu -The Paopu is the prophesy of the hero
-Kairi and their promised reunion are why
Sora answers the call to adventure
-United by the ultimate magic: true love Light vs. Darkness -The Heartless are the embodiment of darkness
-The Keyblade represents the light
-As the wielder of light Sora is the
typical monomyth hero Entry into the Unknown/Threshold Guardian Refusal of the Call... ... and the consequences... Talisman Crossing the first threshold The world of Traverse Town Allies and Helpers Gameplay develops the theme because
you need your friends to fight for you Defeating the guardian is rewarding as
you change from a kid to a warrior Literal aspects of the Monomyth The Rabbit Hole/Entry into the
Unknown - Wonderland The Belly of the Whale - Monstro The magic flight - Agrabah Atonement with the father(-like figure) who is actually Cloud from Final Fantasy World Map Sora's Apotheosis part 1 - friendship and heart
are his true powers Sora's Apotheosis part 2 - a hero must make great sacrifice Evolution of the quest Sacrificial Hero Final Ordeal Abyss/Ordeal/Kingdom Hearts Master of Worlds/Restoring Worlds Princesses of Heart Kairi becomes her own hero "We may never meet again, but we'll never forget each other." Teamwork true love always triumphs Gameplay Death and Rebirth Kingdom Hearts Heartless
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