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My Life and Future Career

No description

Vanya Saini

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of My Life and Future Career

My Life and Future Career

Vanya Saini
Ms. Sawyers
Fletcher's Meadow Secondary School

- journalism salaries depend on the rank of the job

- a Journalist Writer Managing Editor earns up to 75 000 annually

Demand for Journalism
- the demand rate is high and only graduates from high-rank universities with impressive marks usually get into the career; i am determined to do well
Left brain vs. Right Brain
- Right Brain Dominated
My Career
- I want to opt Journalism in the future

-gather news and information by interviewing people and attending events
-undertake research to provide background information for articles
-assess the suitability of reports and articles for publication or broadcast, within an established style and format and edit as necessary
-write articles that comment on or interpret news events and that may put forward a point of view on behalf of the publication
True Colours
- a "helper"
Multiple Intelligences
- word smart

The pursuit of happiness
To never give up
to always value what i have
Movie Characteristics To help me
be successful
The Devil Loves Prada

To make certain sacrifices when it comes to career
To keep in priority a private life other than career
What does Success Mean to me?
To me, true success is when you feel accomplished after striving and aiming for a goal that after achieving, contributes happiness and bliss into your life.

“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”
- W.P. Kinsella
Success In my Life
Personality and Skills test Result
What have I learned?
- how to choose a career I truly want to pursue; incorporating my personal traits and values
- how to stay determined towards a goal
- how to make decisions not only regarding money and income, but also happiness
I believe Career Studies is important for grade 10 Students
the sooner career considerations are made, the more hopeful a student's future thus looks
this is a prime age to evaluate yourself and think about your passions, interests and goals
it gives students an insight on what priorities to focus on
Thank you for listening!
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