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No description

Peter Tse

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of teaching

Shift in MINDSET.........
looking back as we look forward
Did the student improve in learning?
What information is the assessment / evaluation telling us?
How is learning / improvement assessed?
Is there a repeating pattern (from assessment results)? Local vs. Global?
What can be changed to improve student learning? If we do this..... then will there be improvement in.....?
throw out the jargon first
learning from mistakes
safe environment in learning
positive student-teacher relationship
descriptive feedback
learning goals
success criteria
Are we seeing similar things ?
How do you know?
Where is the evidence?
Any emerging patterns in our practices?
Challenges to student learning?
Common Language
Instructional Core
pay attention to three things
increases in student learning occur only as a consequence of improvements in the level of content, teachers’ knowledge and skill and student engagement

if you change any single element of the instructional core, you have to change the other two

if you can’t see it in the core, it’s not there

task predicts performance

the real accountability system is in the tasks students are asked to do

we learn to do the work by doing the work, not telling other people to do the work, not by having done the work at some time in the past, and not by hiring experts who can act as proxies for our knowledge about how to do the work

description before analysis, analysis before prediction, prediction before evaluation

What are the CHALLENGES that our STUDENTS face?
of action
challenge that students are facing
IF we change... (the core), THEN students will be able to improve learning (as demonstrated by...)
Sandra Liao,
Iris Tang,
Ada Tsui,
Heather Prinsloo,
Rajwinder Jeor,
Viviane Kertesz, and
Keith Ho

student data / needs
lower achievement group - failed or lower
silent writing - 5 minutes
challenges to student learning - why the students did not do well
drawing patterns
similar patterns within grade
table talk
4 section chart paper
Grade 9
Sharing and Summary
Challenge of Student Learning....
Do we mean the same thing?
What STRUCTURES do we need to put in place for it to happen?

Proper Pathway Choice/Placement will go a long way toward student achievement
I take it personally when students are not successful in my class. I will offer support and try a variety of strategies to help improve their learning and engagement. However, what if the root problem for some of the students is the fact that they are not in class, and have been excused by their parents. (I have a specific student this semester who has some learning challenges, but was able to make some progress, but failed in part due to 17 absences.)
Communication among Team members (4 teachers, Guidance, Admin) disconnected; starting from scratch each semester doesn't support student learning
Inverted classroom in practice (challenges with regards to technology accessibility)
Q is..... what are the structures that are needed to support the implementation of.....
Q is.... are we improving in this area? Need to streamline the process ... so it is effective as well as efficient.
Referral process
Action steps / Monitoring
Mindset for students
Growth <-- Rubber Band --> Fixed
Not the extreme, but the general middle ....

Presence of the student is a first, then.....instructional core??
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