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The House on Mango Street Soundtrack

No description

Adellie Marie

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of The House on Mango Street Soundtrack

The House on Mango
Street Soundtrack

Last Hope - Paramore
Before her aunt died, Esperanza was told to keep writing, and that it will keep her free. Esperanza's hope is her writing, it keeps her feeling sane and happy. In it's own mysterious way, it helps her overcome multiple obstacles.
Team - Lorde
In my eyes, this song would be the theme song for Rachel, Nenny, and Lucy. They are friends who live in a not-so-pretty city, but in the end, they are all on the same team (no matter how much they fight they make up).
Lego House - Ed Sheeran
The chapter "Born Bad" was about Esperanza regretting her actions when her aunt died. She was too occupied with her own thoughts that she didn't know she passed away right in front of her eyes. "Lego House" talks about loving someone better and paying more attention.
So I Thought - Flyleaf
This song reminds me of Sally. She thought she was in love, but she was just desperate. Now she is married to a man who refuses to let her out. Sally is left alone with her twisted thoughts that she can't talk about.
Grow Up - Paramore
Esperanza goes to the Monkey Garden and becomes what she often cannot be, a child. This song speaks about growing up and leaving things behind. For Esperanza, she must leave the house on Mango Street.
Lies - Marina & the Diamonds
When Sally betrays Esperanza's friendship, Esperanza sympathizes Sally but is also disappointed in her. Lies is about not wanting to hear the excuses anymore.
I'm Coming Home - J. Cole
Esperanza speaks about going back to Mango Street for the ones who couldn't leave. This song would connect to Esperanza coming back to Mango Street, because then she will know she has reached her dreams.
Innocent - Taylor Swift
Esperanza is still a child, and she gets caught up in a world far from her own. But it's the one she has always lived in. The song talks about that it's okay to not understand or to be sad because she still naive and young.
Good Girl - Carrie Underwood
Sire hangs out late at night with his girlfriend Lois. But Sire is also Esperanza's first crush. Her father tells her that he is a punk and Esperanza's mother tells her that Sire's girlfriend is no good. Good Girl is a song about a girl who shouldn't be fooled by boys.
Settle - Two Doors Cinema Club
This song is about getting out of your comfort zone. Learning to fly and be free. I believe this would be a good theme song for the overall book.
I Will Wait - Mumford and Sons
Marin says she has a boyfriend back in Puerto Rico, she says they will get married when she goes back. In my opinion, this song is the theme of their relationship, because both of them are waiting patiently for the ones they love.
Someday - Two Doors Cinema Club
The house on Mango Street, is the place Esperanza belongs, yet at the same time doesn't. She longs for a house that has working pipes and enough washrooms - a real home. Someday elaborates of what they will reach someday.
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