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Marching Band - Nerd Nite Presentation

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Rebecca Grace

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Marching Band - Nerd Nite Presentation

What is Marching Band?
Marching Band
Different aspects to a marching show...
Rehearsal Schedule
Summer Band Camp - 12 Hours/5 days
Typical School Week - 7 hours outside of the school day (Colorguard/Percussion up to 10 hours)
Football Games - School goes non-stop from 6:30am - 10:30pm on Friday
Competitions - At least four - 8-12 hour day on a Saturday
Fall Break - Usually 2-3 days of rehearsal and a competition
So now you have your show! How do you teach it to kids?
Band Camp:
Yes, it's a real thing. And it's SO FUN!
Challenges particular to Arizona/Hayden
It's REALLY HOT in Arizona
Elementary Districts - the bane of my existence
Budget/Staff Challenges

The only good thing AZ has that other states don't
* AZ Schools Tax Credit
* Capital budget
High School Marching Band
* Show: 7-8 Minutes Long
* Purpose - Competition
* Taken as a class
* Selecting a show
*Crowd Pleasers
* Judge Pleasers
* Season runs from the summer until November
College Marching Band
* Almost entirely meant to be 'fun'.
* Rehearsal schedule
* Variety of shows
* Most marching band members are NOT music majors.
Drum Corps
* Like "pro" marching bands
* Audition/Participation
* Rehearsals start in January, then
corps travel and compete all summer.
* DCI Championships are shown in
movie theaters.
* No woodwinds
Depends on the program
* Can be arranged or composed fresh (anywhere from $1,000 - several thousand)
* Can be bought from a marching show company (packaged stock music) - from $500 - $2,000
* Can be borrowed from another school (free)
* Usually percussion is separate - can be another $1,000 to have that written (even if you buy stock music - you probably want your percussion book arranged separately).
* Where does drill come from? (I've done all three)
* Hire someone to write it : $1,000-$10,000 (seriously!)
* Buy it in a package with your music: $700 - $1500
* Write it yourself!!!!
Things to consider when writing drill:
The Mechanics of Sound
Band should always be 'listening back' to the drumline.
Therefore, drumline must stay near the center, usually behind the winds.
Pyware 3d
Instruments playing 'like' parts should be placed together too.
(My New World Symphony disaster of 2010)

* Low Brass
* Altos/Horns
* Flutes/Clarinets
What shapes do I draw?
General Rule: Soft pretty music needs curvy/flowy forms
Loud Exciting music needs straight lines and the band moving forward.
General Rule: Every 30-60 seconds needs a "WOW" moment - either musically or visually.
And you just hope your 'WOW' moment is not something like this....
No clue. I hire Lynn to do all that for me.
* Standing at Attention (audience participation!!!)
* Marching Step
* Horn Angles
Also - integration of colorguard is important.
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