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Book Report Project: SCORPIA

A project for Mrs.Norman Due: May 31st,213

Emma King-Jesso

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Book Report Project: SCORPIA

SCORPIA By: Anthony Horowitz Main Character The main character in this novel is Alex Rider. Alex is a 14 year old boy who lives in London, England. Alex has a light color hair that is longer in the front. He has dark brown eyes, and has a strong build. Alex has a strong personality, and a dashing smile. Alex is very brave as he faces many challenges, to save the innocent children of London. Also, Alex is very cunning, as during the book, he tricks several guards into letting him pass by. However Alex's personality changes drastically throughout the novel, as he finds out many extraordinary things about his late father and his late mother. Other Characters: Jack Starbright Alex's best friend and legal guardian. She is always worried about Alex's safety Julia Rothman Julia Rothman is the main antagonist in the novel. She knew Alex Rider's dad. Tom Harris Tom Harris is Alex's best friend. Tom is described as short, with spiky black hair and bright blue eyes. Nile Nile is a contract killer that works for SCORPIA. Nile teaches Alex and accompanies him while Alex is working with SCORPIA. Mrs. Jones Alan Blunt Mrs. Jones is the second-in-command of MI6. She always has a mint in her mouth. Alan Blunt is the head of MI6. He is a serious, ruthless man. He is known for wearing gray suits and gray glassses. Plot Setting Theme Conflict More books by Anthony Horowitz An English Project for Mrs. Norman
Due: May 31st , 2013
By: Emma King-Jesso
Homeroom: 8-7 Imagine growing up without parents. Not knowing anything about them, but always being told you look like them. Alex Rider is a fourteen year old boy who grew up with his uncle, Ian Rider. He doesn't remember anything about his parents as they died in a mysterious plane crash when Alex was only a few weeks old. All Alex knows about his parents is what his late uncle Ian Rider had told him. When Alex finds out that his father may have been a contract killer working for SCORPIA (Sabotage, CORruPtion, Intelligence and Assassination), the most powerful organization in the world, his life gets turned upside down.
While in Venice, Italy Alex decides to investigate SCORPIA and find out what his father really did for a living. While investigating, Alex is offered a job with SCORPIA, which he accepts after Julia Rothman, the head of SCORPIA promises to tell him more about his father and what he did for a living. Alex trains at the SCORPIA's training center with Nile, a high class killer, who teaches Alex everything he knows. Alex's first mission, to prove that he is capable to work for SCORPIA, is to kill second-in-command of MI6, Mrs. Jones. Will Alex's first mission be a success? Or will he end up in the same place as his parents? The book "SCORPIA", is set mostly in Venice, Italy and London, England. Alex also trains at SCORPIA's training center in Malagosto. He appears at the Royal Bank, also known as MI6's secret headquarters. Julia Rothman also takes Alex to an abandoned church in England. The book starts in Venice, Italy. Alex is visiting here on a trip with his good friend, Tom Harris. This is where Alex gets captured by SCORPIA. Then Alex's mission takes him back home to London, England. Julia Rothman, head of SCORPIA, takes Alex to an abandoned church to watch the unfolding of "Invisible Sword." The theme of the book "SCORPIA," is the importance of family. Family is a group or single person that you love. Family may not only be who you are related to, but also friends, teams, social groups etc. There are many examples of this theme throughout this book. One example of family in this book is that, Alex joins SCORPIA in hopes of figuring out more about his dead mother and father. Alex spends most of the book taking in different information about his parents. Alex finds out the truth about his father and mother at the end of the book. Another example of family in this book is the relationship between Jack Starbright and Alex. Alex has known Jack since he was an infant. He has grown up with her around, and is very fond of her. Jack is only a minor character in this book, however she makes a big impact on the theme of family in the book. At the end of the day, all Alex wants to do is go home to see Jack. This theme of family is shown several other times in this novel. I think the theme of family fits the book "SCORPIA," perfectly. Alex Rider is faced with an internal conflict in the book "SCORPIA." His internal struggles are shown throughout the book as he chooses evil over good. Alex has never met his parents so he has only painted a picture in his head, with the facts his uncle Ian had told him. He is determined to find out the truth about both his parents, and has a hard time in making the decision to switch sides to work with SCORPIA. Alex is wrestling with himself as he wants to find out more about his parents, but does not want to betray MI6. In the end, the conflict is resolved by Alex switching sides and deciding to partner with SCORPIA. Will Alex regret the decision of switching to SCORPIA? Or will he be happy in switching to the other side? Alex is taken to SCORPIA's seceret training center in Malagosto. Alex is brought to MI6's secret headquarters. This is a real bank as well as the secret headquarters for MI6's. Alex ends up back at the Royal Bank, also known as MI6's secrat headquarters.
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