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No description

Kevin Dukes

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of UNIT R006

The Brief.......continued
Entrants will need to manipulate image(s) to produce a final product for submission.

The Brief.....continued
Progress Media will use the competition entries in a display so that the judges can select the winning entry. The winner will be judged on the creativity and quality of the final product which must be presented in a format which is suitable for A4 printing.

What is it you have been asked to do?
(Look at the brief)
How will you decide on your design?
(what type of research will you do, who will you ask questions?)

Do you have access to the correct hardware? Can you use your phone? Do you have a cable?
What do the exam board say?
A New Brief:
A local photographic company called Progress Media is holding a competition for students, to promote the local area. The competition is called ‘The Camera Never Lies (or Does It?)’.
Remember how to do this?
Which software you are you going to use?

Don't forget you will need to use one piece of software to manipulate / change the images and one to create the poster.
Also explain
Which other software could have been used to do either job.
New folder time.........
In your Cambridge Nationals folder you now need to make an R006 folder.

The Brief .....continued
Entrants will need to source a range of images; these can be captured:

using a digital camera
using a scanner
by sourcing them from the internet
by sourcing them from other digital sources.

Success Criteria
How will you or anyone else know that your poster is successful?
Mark Band 2
How will you collect the images? (See the brief)
Where will you get the ideas from?
(Where can you look for ideas, who can you talk too?)
What issues with copyright may arise? (Who owns the images you want to use? Do you need to ask permission?)
How will you create a poster that matches the title ('The Camera Never Lies" (or does it?))
What other hardware could you use? (Are you able to use a graphics tablet?)
Use Word or PowerPoint to create a document to answer the following questions in detail.
Make a list of things: will it fit the competition title? will it show the local area in a positive light? Will you have used editing tools but still keep a "real" looking image? Will it be the right size? etc
Research Methods
How will you decide what to have in your poster?
You might use some kind of mind map or spider diagram to help you organise your thoughts
What makes the local area special or appealing to you? How will you capture that?
Produces a
specification for a digital image solution
Identifies success criteria
of which are suitable
Demonstrate a
understanding of the client brief
Mark Band 3
Produce a
specification for a digital image solution
Identifies success criteria
of which are suitable
Demonstrates a
understanding of the client brief
Mark Band 3 needs enough detail for someone else to be able to create the poster.
Look at the exemplar work in the R006 folder in Studentshare..........remember......this should be all your own work!
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