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No description

Giuseppe Serra

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Macbeth

Search with Google 3 prophecy Macbeth will be the king of scotland mettiamo anche le altre? The three witches organizes a meeting with Macbeth Macbeth become Earl of Cawdor for his brave in battle Macbeth had an internal conflict because he knows that he can't become king after the Duncan's death Macbeth tells his wife the prophecies and Lady Macbeth organize the plan for killing Duncan Macbeth is eroded by doubts Macbeth is not sure about to do but Lady Macbeth reassures his husband telling him the plan Banquo thinks about the three propechies.
Macbeth invite him at the feast he will give that night
Macbeth had a soliloquy about Banquo
Two murders accept to take revenge to Banquo for wrong that he had done them in the past. Macbeth is discontent for the work they had begun with the murder of Duncan: there are other threats to the throne. The murderers kill Banquo, but Fleance escape. At the feast Macbeth see the ghost of Banquo, and he speaks with it. Making excuses, Macbeth and his wife quit the room, and the king says that the following day he will visit the three witches Hecate, the goddes of the witches, tells them that they will not meddle again in the Macbeth's business. She orders to show Macbeth visions for give him a false sense of security. Lennox is discussing with another lord, and they hope that Macduff and Malcolm can save Scotland from Macbeth The predictions, some dreams and the wife convince Macbeth to kill the king Macbeth kills Duncun but after the murder does many mistakes and the wife help him Ross talk an old man that Macbeth is became king Three witches prophesy to two generals, Macbeth and Banquo, a surprising future. Macbeth kills many peaple included the king for get the throne and support the power. The noblemans exiled returns and kill Macbeth Macbeth goes to the three witches and recieve 3 other prophecies: to beware Macduff that he will be safe until birnham wood will march against him and that no one born from a woman can kill him
MacDuff knows about his family death and swear revenge against Macbeth
Lady Macbeth has vision and nightmares about his Husband's murderer. The doctor says that she had become mad
The rebels are discussing the plan to kill
The rebels,to avoid the Macbeth' s army, decide that each soldier should cut down a bough of the forest and carry it in front of him as they march to the castle.
The battle starts. Macbeth kills a lot of people. He seems invincible
MacDuff challenge Macbeth to duel
Macbeth castle fall down Macbeth fight with Macduff. The last prophecy of
the witches realize its. MacDuff is not born from a
"woman", so Macbeth is behead. The witches make three prophecies: 1_Macbeth will become thane of Cawdor,
2_Macbeth will become king after Duncan's death
3_The sons of Banquo will seat on the throne Two nobles discovery the murder and Macbeth accuses the guards and kills theirs and the sons of Duncan escape
Macbeth orders to kill MacDuff in his castle, thinking
to kill his rival. But in the castle there are only Lady
MacDuff and her child. They kill all people in the castle except MacDuff, went to Malcom for organize the revolt against MacDuff.
Macbeth realize that the battle is coming
and he is very nervous
Lady Macbeth die, and the first prophecy is realizing:
Birnham wood "move" to Macbeth castle. Malcolm become king of Scotland Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5 Macbeth is like an iceberg... Where our story is placed? In Scotland! War between vs What happened in that time? Scottish Irish and Danish Play based on Raphael
Holinshed's book "Chronicles of England" Raphael Holinshed Some Places: Inverness castle Birnam Wood Scottish Moor Cawdor's Castle Some characters really been in 1040-1050. King Duncan and Macbeth were real Scottish noblemen. A RECONSTRUCTION OF KING DUNCAN PROFILE The real King Macbeth Under the play there's
a deep background "Double, double, toil and trouble / Fire burn and cauldron bubble" Speak in rhyming couplets Most dangerous characters
of the play Separate by other characters Fantasy character Prophecies half clear Macbeth
Lady Macbeth
The Three Witches Donalbian
Lady Macduff Famous female character Stronger and more ambitious than Macbeth Violent and masculine soul in a female body Use manipulation for obtain power At the end she become mad. Recurring visions remember to Macbeth his culpability. Famous violent play.
There's many description of carnage and gory scenes Climatic changes follow the narration They make a particular atmosphere Two differents characters: Macbeth:
NO inclinations to evil deeds
Guilt and Paranoia
At the end he become mad Lady Macbeth:
Can lives with guilt The ambition of both the characters is helped by the prophecies Characters frequently dwell on issues of gender. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth manipulate other characters for commit crimes The female characters are more evil than the male, this produce surprise on the audience Whence is that knocking?How is’t with me, when every noise appals me? What hands are here! Ha, they pluck out mine eyes. Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine,Making the green one red. act 2 act 5 She should have died hereafter.There would have been a time for such a word. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to dayTo the last syllable of recorded time. And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle. Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor playerThat struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. These words exlpain the Macbeth's pain after
the death of Lady Macbeth and serve as defense and justification Three attribute: bravery, ambition, and self-doubt Used for show the effect of ambition Sometimes he is pitiless, other he is full of guilty Duncan: king Macbeth: tyrant Order and justice, comfort and affection. Chaos, no real justice Special thanks to: Wikipedia Imovie Prophecy sets Macbeth's Plot in motion All prophecies came true,
but some are hard to
understand Symbolizes the guilt that sits like
a permanent stain on consciences
of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Blood in Macbeth is everywhere Malcolm King Duncan Ross
Lennox Explained the great sense of guilty,
simbolized by the blood Macbeth has just killed Duncan
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