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The Way to Liberating Makkah

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Rahila Irfan

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of The Way to Liberating Makkah

In groups find out the reasons which led to liberate Makkah

Time limit: 5 mins
Surat-ul-Fateh 1-3
- Verily We have granted you a
clear victory:
- So God may forgive your past
sins and those that you may do
later; He will guide you on the
Straight Path;
- And that God may grant you a great victory [48:1-3]
The Prophet prepares for the liberation of Makkah
- The Prophet refused to renew the treaty of Hudaibyah
- He told his men to prepare for the war and sent word to all his allies and followers across Arabia to come ready for war.
- He ordered his men to keep the preparations absolutely secret
- The rumor was that he was to going to Syria to punish the Romans for killing Zaid ibn al Harithah and other Muslims leader at Mutah

Hatib Ibn Balta'ah
A companion, a sahabi, a devout Muslim tried to betray Muslims. What do you think the reason can be behind his betrayal???
Refer to pg no C4 & C5 and in groups find out the following?
- Brief description of Hatib Ibn Balta'ah
- Reason behind his betrayal
- Faith which we can put into action after reading his story

You can use your devices for extended research. Write the Story of Hatib in your own words in your notebooks and share with the class.
Time limit: 5 mins
The Quraysh taken by Surprise
The prophet set out with 10,000 well armed men to liberate Makkah within a short time. The Makkans knew nothing about his coming untill he was at
Maar-uth Tharan
, a half-day journey from Makkah.
To let the Quraysh know the strength of Muslim Army, Prophet made the tribes spread out over the desert and asked them to build big camp fires.
The way to liberating Makkah
Treaty of Hudaibyah
Infringe/breach of the Hudaibyah Treaty
People To Remember:

- Hatib Ibn Abi Baltah: ??????

- Al Abbas Ibn Abdul Mutalib: ???????
- Hatib Ibn Abi Baltah: A Sahabi who tried to betray Muslims

- Al Abbas Ibn Abdul Mutalib: The uncle of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Remember always that Allah knows of everything you and all others do. He may, in mysterious ways, let your parents, teachers, elders or friends know of your bad choices, especially those that might hurt you, your family or community. therefore, it is better for you and everyone to avoid such mistakes and always be faithful to your loved ones and your community.
The liberation of Makkah is one of those days attested by history to be one of the greatest and loftiest days ever. This day also attests how the Prophet (SAW) instilled some of the highest values that preceded other civilizations.
This was so clear on this glorious day when the Prophet (SAWS) refused to divulge the secret even to the closest people to his heart. One of the things that Ibn-Katheer said in his book “Al-Bedaya Wal-Nehaya – The Beginning and the End” was that when Abu-Bakr (RA) asked his daughter Lady Aisha (RA) what the Prophet intended she said, “He never said anything to us…” Other times she would keep silent and in both cases this means that she knew nothing in particular from the Prophet (SAWS).
A Muslim leader must always be visionary and able to envision what no other person can see. This was the most prominent characteristic in the Prophet (SAWS) and in this we must all take his lead so as to realize that leadership is an art and that the leader must excel in this art before venturing into it.

One the manifestations of his genius was the liberation plan that he set and how he hid his intention and the destination of the army even from the closest people to his heart (his beloved wife Lady Aisha and her father -his most intimate friend- Abu-Bakr). He even used a strategic decoy which was something he always resorted to in grave situations that are related to what we call these days; national security issues
What was the reason that led to the breach of Hudaibyah Treaty?
Terms of Hudaibyah treaty
Year in which Hudaibyah Treaty was signed?
Conditions given to Quresh after the breach of Hudaibyah Treaty.
Which Year Prophet decided to liberate Makkah?
No of Muslims during Hudaibyah Treaty
No of Muslims army
during liberation of Makkah
Surah revealed after the
return march from Hudaibyah
Sahabi which
tried to betray
Prophet's uncle who played a major
role in libereating Makkah
Reasons which led to liberate Makkah
Discuss in your groups about the story of Hatib Ibn Balta'ah.
Al-Abbas Ibn Abdul-Muttalib, the Prophet's uncle, left Makkah and met his nephew on the outskirts of the city and saw the huge preparations and wanted to help muslims to liberate and avoid bloodshed by borrowing the Prophet's white stallion and tell the people of Makkah that the resistance to the Prophet was impossible. Al-Abbas had secretly embraced Islam a year before the campaign on Makkah. He was a pagan before and was friendly to the Prophet as he had also saved him from the attacks of Quraysh by giving him a warning (BATTLE OF UHUD).
At the same time Al-Abbas headed towards Makkah, Abu Sufyan, Hakeem Ibn Hizam and Budayl Ibn Warqaa' set off to the outskirts to hear some news. By Allah's plans, Al-Abbas saw Abu Sufyan and his companions. He heard their conversation during the night on the outskirts of Makkah. They talked about the campfires, the army, who are they against (Banu Bakr & Quraysh) and Al-Abbas interrupted their conversation by saying,
"Woe unto you, Abu Sufyan! Here is Muhammad and he is going to enter Maskkah by force; and woe unto the Quraysh when he does that!"
The Makkan leaders recognized the stallion and asked "What can be done?". Al-Abbas told the leaders of Quraysh that the Muslims had an army that cannot be defeated. He suggested to meet Prophet Muhammad with Abu Sufyan and promised that he will be under his protection. The two men then headed towards the camp of Muhammad and suddenly were captured by a group of muslim soldiers under the leadership of Omar Ibn-Ul-Khattab. Al-Abbas wished to save Abu Sufyan, but Omar rushed them to the Prophet's tent and asked to strike off his head. Al-Abbas also rushed and told that he was under his protection. After a hot discussion, The Prophet ordered to bring him the next morning.
Abu Sufyan was brought to the tent after he was captured. The Prophet said: "Abu-Sufyan! Woe unto you;isn't it time that you knew 'la-illaha ill-allah?' Abu Sufyan said: "By my father and mother, how kind and generous you are, surely if I was sure there was a god beside Allah, they would have helped me by now."
The Prophet then said: "Woe unto you Oh Abu Sufyan! Isn't it time you knew that I am the Messenger of Allah?".
Abu Sufyan then said that he still has something inside him against it. Al-Abbas then shouted, toldhim to quit arrogance and declare Shahadah. And he did it.
After Abu Sufyan embraced Islam, Al-Abbas privately addressed the Prophet by saying: 'Oh Prophet of Allah, Abu Sufyan is a man of pride. Do him some favour.' The Prophet said: "Who enters the house of Abu Sufyan shall be safe. He who shuts himself up in his own house and locks his door shall be safe and he who enters the masjid in Makkah shall be safe." And when Al-Abbas was about to leave, the Prophrt said: "O Abbas! Keep him at the passage of the valley at the top of the mousntain, so he will see the soldiers of Allah as they pass by him."
Abu Sufyan then went to his people and cried out sayinng that it is Muhmmad and he is coming upon you with an army that has no match. But whoever enters the house of Abu Sufyan shall be safe, He who shuts himself up in his own house and locks his door shall be safe and he who enters the masjid in Makkah shall be safe. So some rejected and prepared for fight. However, a vast majority of Quraysh submitted to him and followed through.
Work in Pairs and highlight the answers for teh following questions in your textbook. ref: pg no C6, C7 & C8. You should be able to explain your answer. Time limit: 7 mins
Q1) Who was Al-Abbas Ibn Abdul Muttalib?

Q2) What was Al-Abbas's nickname?

Q3) How was Abu Sufyan captured & who captured him? What was his request to Prophet regarding Abu Sufyan?

Q4) Who were the 2 companions that headed Makkah along with Abu Sufyan?

Q5) What was the colour of the Prophet's stallion?

Q6) What favour did the Prophet do to Abu Sufyan after he embraced Islam?
Take a minute and think :

Now share your answer with the class.
Now share with your peer and discuss about the same for a minute.
'A Vision of a Muslim Leader'
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