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Toms Shoes

No description

Shawn Ignatius

on 12 June 2011

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Transcript of Toms Shoes

A) How/when did Cause Marketing begin? Background of TOMS Shoes The Success Story of TOMS Shoes Analysis of Marketing Strengths & Weaknesses Recommendations Moving Forward First shoe drop in 2006, Argentina "I was sitting on a farm pondering life, and it occurred to me, 'I'm going to start a shoe company, and for every pair that we sell, I'll give a pair to someone who needs them'." -Blake Mycoskie By 2007: 10,000th pair sold April 2008, "One Day Without Shoes" campaign is launched TOMS Shoes honoured with People’s Design Award from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution in 2007 TOMS received the 2009 ACE award by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which recognizes companies’ commitment to corporate social responsibility, innovation, exemplary practices, and democratic values worldwide. April 2011: More than 250,000 people participated in One Day Without Shoes Campaign As of September 2010, TOMS have given over One Million pairs of shoes away in over 20 Countries Who are the major players? TOMS shoes has approximately 900 stores in the U.S and 700 stores worldwide 30% of their total sales come from their online store at www.toms.com Power of the social media One-for-One Movement Empowers their employees and customers Social Media Marketing Hurting local businesses Painting “poorer” nations in bad light: Paradox of gift-giving Moralistic Issue "From this day forward, TOMS is not a shoe company and it's not an eyewear company,
but it's a one-for-one company."
- Blake Mycoskie B) What is Cause Marketing? 78% - believe
56% - positive
50% - donate
49% - participate
41% - volunteer 1. Donation With Purchase
2. Donation With Coupon Redemption
3. Donation With Online Activation
4. Proud Supporter
5. Volunteerism Rally
6. Buy One, Give One (BOGO)
7. Consumer-Directed Donation
8. Consumer Pledge Drives
9. Dual-Incentive Approach
10. Request for Consumer Action E) Buy One, Give One (BOGO) Cause Marketing C) Stat Attack! Feature Safety Instructions Focus on online channels Familiarise representatives with product knowledge Franchise carefully Find more people D) What are the various campaign formats? Now you take action! Google It! Check It Out! Go Bare! One Day Without Shoes Collaborations TOMS Ralph Lauren Simple and straighforward
Not just charity
Feel-good factor 80% of 1057 U.S. adults surveyed would favour a brand associated with a good cause

19% said they would switch to a more expensive brand to support a cause. Target Audience: 17-28 years old
-Keep advertising costs low: visiting
college campuses, recruiting interns,
using social networks. - 4th year running (as of 2011)
- Over 1000 events in
over 25 countries worldwide

Some Participating Corporates
-AOL "Every person becomes a marketer of our shoes" - Blake Mycoskie 36,000 hits - NGOs (eg. Peace Corp) & watchdogs have questioned TOMS' ethics

- Exploitation? - Possible artificial supply of shoes
causing economic imbalance

- Affect entrepreneurship - Perpetuate stereotype in the West about poorer countries

- Encourages "Whites in Shining Armour" pespective = For Profit + Non Profit + Mutual Benefit Attention Awareness Action Relevance Replay Joey Asher Tan
Melodie Lee
Melody Ong
Shawn Loh
Chermaine Zhou
Stephanie Chua
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