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Planning for Growth (3D)

Planning for growth from an IT perspective.

John Sibley

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Planning for Growth (3D)

Looking After "The Roots"
Planning for Growth from an IT Perspective
Improved network performance (10Gbit Ethernet)
More local network capacity (LAN)

"App Stores" are changing the software landscape

Most major software companies are beginning to move their products into The Cloud; many small ones start there
Traditional PCs are being sidelined in favour of smartphones and tablets for "content consumers"
Google Apps for Business
The Fruits of Our Labours
A faster, more responsive network with plenty of capacity
Thank You For Listening
...although the lines are already beginning to blur as mobile devices continue to increase in power
PCs are still essential for "content creators"...
Any Questions?
Less reliance on a particular O/S or hardware
Mobilisation, but with control and security
Collaboration tools and electronic distribution
Cloud storage
Scalable servers and services
Scalable storage
Faster Internet connections, providing access to Cloud Services
Increased Internet (leased line) bandwidth (WAN)
Server virtualisation - we have already begun this process by investing in our Scale HC3 platform
I envisage a
hybrid network
, whereby we mix the best elements of on-premise solutions and The Cloud.
Cloud-based solutions promote greater interoperability and thus we will have more options
What Do We Need to Add?
My 2013-14 IT budget reflects the growing need to move things forward in many areas
We want to seize opportunities presented by new technologies
The IT landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years
Some back-end hardware is well overdue for a refresh - and we don’t want a fatal problem to be the trigger for replacement
Many of our PCs, printers, etc. are over 7 years old
Some of our hardware has been running for more than a decade
We’ve “squeezed our assets” for long enough
Phone lines - more capacity and increased flexibility
Better Mobile Broadband services (4G)
Extending WiFi for mobile devices
Voice and data convergence
Mobile and landline convergence
Business Continuity considerations
Unified, scalable storage
True Cloud-based systems (not just hosting off-premise)
Phone system (PBX) virtualisation
Disk-to-disk, Disk-to-Cloud backup
We will make increased provision for developing bespoke solutions to solve particular problems
Applications are beginning to move to The Cloud and thus to a subscription-based model
We are aiming to be
platform agnostic
in the long term
The O/S no longer has the importance it once did
But... we don't want too much bespoke software in the mix
We will continue to invest in key software, such as AutoCAD - our licencing costs will naturally rise as we do
Document management and distribution is moving into The Cloud and we will be investing in this
We are also looking to the Cloud to deliver online storage for collaborative purposes
Our interest in The Cloud relates to improving and simplifying our email and productivity solutions
As a result, we are looking at where/how tablets could completely replace PCs for some staff
The more flexible hardware form factors represent the best choice, but this area is still maturing rapidly
We plan to invest in technologies that support mobility and take location out of the equation
is Coming

We all need to be able to step out of our comfort zones in order to tap into what is now on offer
In many instances, investing in the right IT solutions reduces the need to "put people on the problem"
When we look at all the things we want to achieve to allow the Company to grow, we see them in Google's solutions
We can then deploy other Google Services from this base platform (more on that in a moment) as they become available
Google Drive, Google Apps, etc. are all part of the subscription cost and provide a way forward for the long term
We are pressing ahead with a migration from Microsoft Exchange to Google's Gmail
Bringing It All Together
We are looking to invest in the hardware and software that creates benefits for us, not the vendor
...it's not what you've got, it's how you use it that matters!
And, as with so many things...
There's no isolation - it's about bringing both technology AND people together in the right way
We can leverage new technologies faster than ever as long as we embrace change rather than avoid it
Less need to be at a specific location or on a specific network
Better protection against business disruption
More time spent training and developing staff and skills
A more consistent and flexible experience for staff
Less time spent "keeping the lights on"
We need to "grow" our users as well as our technologies, through training and development
We can't move our IT systems forward without challenging existing methods and tools - and staff
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