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Presantation Handicapped E - International Report

No description

Ludo Stanzi

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Presantation Handicapped E - International Report

Thank you for your attention ! Group dynamics:


Futures recommendations III. Learning component Learning objectives & outcomes

Learning expectations:
Developing essential skills
Applying our theoretical konowledge to a real situation

International experience:
Use of English
Dealing with cultural differences III. Learning component Viral reach Total number of visitors Talking about Facebook Statistics II. Industry component
Facebook Conclusion & Future Recommendations II. Industry component Key Results II. Industry component Evolution II. Industry component Categories / Strategy / Keywords II. Industry component Various goals:
Raising awareness of handicap people exclusion
Promoting our organization, Stichting Lucai
Develop our skills

Stichting Lucai

Our Campaign
AdWords VS Facebook
Future recommendations for Lucai I. Executive Summary I. Executive Summary

II. Industry component

III. Learning component Agenda Facebook page

Promote Lucai
Encourage handicap inclusion II. Industry component
Facebook Barbara CZOMBA, Typhaine FAUCHEUR, Brenda GARCIA, Sarah LOUBIC, Elisa POZZA and Ludo STANZIANI NetAware Programme, 2013
Katowice, Poland Handicapped E

The Netherlands
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