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Snowboarding V. Skiing

No description

Adam Merrick

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Snowboarding V. Skiing

A Reflection
We see there is no real true winner, and that's not what it's all about.
Skiing Vs. Snowboarding
Your guides today...
~Adam Merrick
~Chelsea Cedarquist
~Ethan Beavers
Thank you!
Michigan Tech
The rivalry wasn't relevant until the 1980s due to near-100% bans across resorts

Skiing was recreational activity already seen as "for the upper class"

Age difference played a huge role between the groups, skiers are older on average

Some thought snowboarding was a fad that would pass
Now get out there!
Mont Ripley!
The history
Michigan Tech
Michigan Tech
Started in Michigan in the 1960's
Originally called snurfing
Not allowed at most resorts
The snowboard design we know today was made by Jake Burton
Skiers have since learned to do jump tricks and rails
And the snow sport community enjoyed a huge boom in interest, both skiers and riders
Thanks to the addition of this rivalry
10,000 BC
~Europe and Asia
8,000 BC
~Atlay, China
750 AD
~Kinnula, Finland
~Nevada, United States
The 1st Competition
Then to now
Olympic Events
~Cross Country
~Ski Jump
Michigan Tech
Mont Ripley
~24 Trails
~440' Vertical Drop
~112 Acres of Skiable Terrain
~Three Lifts
~Terrain Parks With Jumps and Slides
Boardsport Technologies Enterprise team
Ski and snowboarding clubs
Winter Carnival
Became an Olympic sport in 1998
Slopestyle is the newest form recognized by the Olympics
Many different styles of snowboarding
Lots of competitions including, The Winter X games, Winter Dew Tour, FIS competitions and more
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