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Renewable Energy: Wind

No description

Rebecca Parks

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Renewable Energy: Wind

Wind Got questions??? I got your answers So... What about the wind? Wind is now used as a type of renewable energy source.
Wind power: extraction of energy from wind conversed into thermal, mechanical, or electrical. Where does this energy source come from? Wind increases with altitude and over open areas How does my energy source work? The wind blows into a machine called a wind turbine Blades catch the wind & spin, a generator
then converts mechanical energy into electricity
Cable carries electricity to the transmittion line,
computer system controls direction of the blades. Has it been used successfully in the past? Yes! 500 B.C It has been used to pump water, grind grain, and in food production. Will I have to pay? Of course you will! Advantages A type of "clean fuel". Helps as an alternative to oil.
The Horse Hollowwind Energy
Center in Texas has 421 wind
turbines that generate enough
electricity to power 220,000
homes per year. Horse Hollowwind Disadvantages Has a negative effect on wild
bird populations, and the
usual impact on the landscape. To some, the glistening blades of windmills are an eyesore as opposed to a wonderful way to conserve our earths resources. Wind: movement of air from high pressure to low pressure areas. It exists because the sun unevenly heats the Earth. As hot air rises, cool air lowers to fill void. As long as there's sun, there's wind, as long as there's wind, people will harness it to power their lives.

The Wind Less than 5 cents/kilowatt Less than 5 cents per kilowatt.
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