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Temporal Storytelling: Journeys through the 5th Dimension

Māori GIS Association National Conference | PLACE 2013 17-18th August 2013

Nick Williamson

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Temporal Storytelling: Journeys through the 5th Dimension

Development Planning
There has certainly been no shortage of effort directed at trying to resolve this issue
but we have come to question whether all this effort has been directed at the right place
"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step "
Lao Tzu
“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
Henry Miller
“Too often we are so preoccupied with the
, we forget the
because when we tried to map the process
Each example we have followed has been exceptional and unique
Intelligence Gathering
Journey towards
ahi kā
Capability Assessment
Land Utilisation
Maori Land Court
Whanau & Hapu
Te Whenua
Gather information about land ownership, existing management structures, and justification for share ratios
Gather support from the whānau, and identify the needs and aspirations of the other owners
Set up a trust or determine succession to clarify decision making authority
Succession (if required)
Available Resources
Kainga Whenua Loan
Discuss best use of whenua
Administration is fit for purpose
Identify existing knowledge, skills or any gaps
Iwi investment
Lending and capital providers
Whanau Ora
Facilitation, mediation & assistance
Seek formal representative (i.e. case manager) and engage them with your whānau. Māori Land Court Staff will offer professional and technical advice
Hui with project team
Gather project team and experts to discuss and input into a plan for the overall use of the whenua both now, and into the future
Concept Meeting with Council
Maori Land Court
Discuss proposed plan and further information that may be required
Wastewater disposal options considered against Regional Council requirements
Social housing unit application for funding infrastructure reports (TP58)
Governance capability
Management / Technical Capability
Governance workshop
Advisory & facilitation
Identify house design, sustainable materials, techniques and possible housing costs.
Confirm the design and costs of the infrastructure services to each house site such as property access, water services (waste, storm and supply/reticulation), electricity supply, recreational facilities, communications.
Identify Papakainga House Sites/Areas.
Confirm the location and number of the papakainga house sites in the proposal.
Staging of development where appropriate
But each example shared a common thread
Seek Council approval
Occupation Orders
Start your whare
Apply to the Council for resource consent approval of the Papakainga Development Plan.
The Maori Land Court will make an occupation order that will formalise the ownership and set up binding processes for ongoing management of the whenua.

Form 40 to be presented. The PDP must accompany the application.
With ownership of the land established, you can now proceed to design your whare and build upon your whenua
This leads on to the next phase of the building process, you will need a building consent from the Council.
Site Construction & Building
The Trust Order will need to be reviewed and adopt the Papakainga Development Plan.

Outcomes for the Trust include: a final papakainga proposal, a survey plan identifying the all house sites, infrastructure services and the total development costs.
they each had a beginning, a middle, and an end, and all contained some lessons to be learnt along the way
All cultures tell stories in the form of myths, legends and fables, that explain the lessons to be learnt as you live the journey of life
it became very apparent that there was no "one size fits all" solution
had different settings, and different contexts
And we have come to understand that it is not the detail that is important, but rather it is the narrative, the journey, the process itself, and learnings that come from it that should be the focus of our attention
Our journey so far ...
A Narrative Planning Process
Instead, a narrative planning process is represented by stages, or evolutions - a "rite of passage" - each requiring fulfillment before moving on to the next
The typical regulatory process requires strict adherence to a prescribed procedure
where are we now?
where could we be?
how can we get there?
are we getting there?
Development Planning
Primary Production?
What is the business strategy?
Decisions to make:
Confirm Council Development Contributions
Identify cultural, heritage, ecological and other areas of signficance to the Trust.
Marae and/or whanau urupa.
Each phase of the narrative process represents a stage of learning, and all tasks within that space must be completed before moving into the next phase
The sequence in which each task is carried out is up to the whanau, and each task may need to be revisited several times before it is completed
Intelligence Gathering
Only after completing all tasks within the first space, are you ready to proceed to your capability assessment
Specialist team, Action plan, Council/Maori Land Court, Loans, Administration & Governance - Trust Order, Funding.
This is the active planning phase.
Building Capacity
Self Governance
Knowledge gained through applied experience that can be shared through the generations
Empowered with the information and wisdom to make decisions
The Trust
Self sufficiency and access to resources through good planning and wise governance
Future Opportunities
Accessible Services
Cloud Technology
Smart Devices
A virtual path back to ...
facts told, read, or communicated that may be unorganised or even unrelated
an organised body of information, or the comprehension and understanding consequent on having acquired and organised a body of facts
knowledge of or familiarity with a particular thing; skill in dealing with or handling something
a knowledge of people, life, and conduct, with the facts so thoroughly assimilated as to have produced sagacity, judgment, and insight
"Despite Maori identifying the barriers to housing on Maori land, we are faced with the same barriers 30 years later - in particular, capacity, planning & finance."
28 April 2010:
Whangarei District Council throws out the rule book for development on Māori Land
but the absence of rules brings greater responsibilities, and a reliance on
Yet applying wisdom is not something that government agencies do particularly well
"support for Maori housing is complex and involves multiple agencies working together"
"Building housing on Maori land is a challenging task. Owners of Maori land often lack experience in building housing and will be unfamiliar with processes for building on Maori land. Therefore, it is important that they can easily access good information and advice."
"government agencies are not working together in a co-ordinated way, which makes it hard for Maori to get effective advice and guidance to help them build housing on their land"
It is not about the house
... you are not tangata
It is about the land
... you are

achieving this is the statutory function and duty of local authorities
but it requires ...
Dusty Roads
Effluent Suitability
Erosion Prone
Flood Susceptible
Freshwater Species
Historic Places
Kiwi Habitats
Land Cover
Land Stability
Maori Land
Mineral Extraction
Mining Hazards
Onsite Wastewater Risk
Outstanding Features
Productive Capability
Protected Natural Areas
Power Meters
QEII Covenants
Soil Versatility
Threatened Environments
Tsunami Risk
Whitebait Sites
Wildlife Refuges
District Council Supplied Information
When each of these 32 shape files is dissolved, and a "Suitability for Whare" field added with either a +/-1 integer, performing a Union between all layers enables an overall net 'whare suitability' score to be calculated
But what if ...
... instead of being merely an of the process,
this was
A space where people can go to write their own chapter of the story
what might that like?
and it is the whenua itself that defines its potential
Before looking forwards, perhaps we should examine what can be learnt from the past
Slides reproduced from PowerPoint presentation by Kelly Hammond, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
Although more than 300 years old, this form of mapping is still widely used today
not by scientists or engineers ... but by tourists
New York
Whilst spatially acurate, these maps illustrate the relative significance of various points of interest using charicatures of those features
and their relative significance changes over time
In a car dominated world, our city maps are typically presented like this:
Whereas a scientist's view of our geography may look more like this:
Perhaps it would be more accurate to depict our district like this:
or this:
or maybe this:
It is actually more likely to be all of these ...
... but what you add to, or take from the story, is a matter of perspective
So where are we hoping to go with this new perspective in Taitokerau?
We would like to join whānau for their
And the whānau's journey begins here, with
And we begin by sharing all of our
Which helps whānau to reconnect with the whenua by gaining the information that leads them along the path to knowledge, understanding, and ultimately, wisdom
There are a number of other information sources that also occupy this space, such as
But there are others as well
Now that whānau have aquired all of this information, it needs to be assimilated and organised to form a body of knowledge
This is necessary to determine ...
and from there you have a
And by using this 'space' in the cloud, the information accumulates and is available to inform each future stage of the process
and Consenting
Through to
and Occupation
and replaced it with a single page:
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