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Essential Questions

For use in a 2hr workshop to teach teacher how to develop essential questions

Jennifer Williams

on 26 August 2010

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Transcript of Essential Questions

What is an essential question? Why should we use Essential Questions? What makes a question
an essential question? Essential Questions set the stage
for higher level thinking How does art reflect
culture or change it? Essential Questions: Examples What makes writing worth reading? Are leaders made or are they born? Does history really repeat itself? Is technology invented or discovered? What is progress? Are we really free? How are we really different from others? Can one person make a difference? Grow this brain!! Unit Questions:

Which of our community helpers is most important?
Which community helper would you most like to be? Essential Question

Why do we need each other? Content Questions

What are some community helpers?
What do they do? Essential Question

$Why do people spend more money than they have? Unit Questions

Does deficit have a negative effect on society?

What steps should be taken to avoid a deficit? Content Questions

What is debt?
What is a national deficit? Don't Get Stuck! Essential Questions can be tricky.
We'll give you steps. So many questions, so little time. Essential Questions are- Broad open-ended address big ideas and enduring concepts Essential Questions Often cross disciplines Help students see how subjects are related no right or wrong answers Look at skills, content in map Think about the concepts behind the skills and content. Think about good unit questions Think more broadly. Now... Develop an Essential Question which requires students to apply the learned content and skills to answer a bigger question. Require Higher Order Thinking Skills Spark Curiosity
Work with a partner to decide if the questions in Live Binders are Essential Questions or Unit Questions
Go to Portaportal.com
Guest Access type sctcdirector
Fallsburg Essential Questions
Live Binders link

Look at content and skills on your map.
Create essential questions to go with entries. Content Questions

How does human activity change the shore?
What are the 3 main types of life that live in the ocean?
What factors contribute to pollution in the ocean? Unit Questions

Why are our oceans important?
What problems do our oceans face? Essential Question

How are we interconnected? Why use Essential Questions? Promote authentic learning, which encourages students to ask more questions Students are more likely to become self-directed learners because they are interested in the answers Target higher-order thinking skills
Requires comparison, synthesis, interpretation, evaluation, etc. To connect learning to other disciplines and other topics of study To ask questions that have been asked throughout history. To ask compelling questions that students ask. What is a rainforest?
What lives in a rainforest?
Whare are rainforests located? Are rainforests worth saving?
How do people and animals live in rainforests and how can they co-exist? Why protect the environment? Essential Question? Post Essential Questions for Reflection

Go to Portaportal.com
Go to Fallsburg EQ's
Select EQ's and Your Room #
Review sample of content and EQ
Go to your number and place content and EQ
Look at the entry below yours and make a comment
Unit Question or Essential Question? Curriculum Mapper What would be a good essential question? "How can I make a difference?
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