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Romeo and Juliet-Theme Tracking Project

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Ashish Mithani

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet-Theme Tracking Project

Influence of Family Dynamics
Consequences of Revenge
This is a picture showing how murder results in love being broken. This can relate to Shakespeare's
Romeo and Juliet
because Romeo kills Tybalt out of revenge since Tybalt killed Mercutio (act 3, scene 1). Also, this shows how Romeo and Juliet got separated because of Romeo committing this crime out of revenge. As a result of Romeo killing Tybalt, Romeo got exiled from the city of Verona leading to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet (act 5, scene 3). This picture shows the exact same theme in which the result of killing someone can lead to a great consequence such as the separation of two lovers.
Power of Love
According to
The Sun
(news), an eleven year old boy, Tysen Benz, had committed suicide because his thirteen year old had faked her own death on social media which he thought to be true. This can be associated with Shakespeare's
Romeo and Juliet
because this incident also had occurred in act 5, scene 3 in which Romeo had thought that Juliet had died, but she really did not. Without any investigation, Romeo believed every word of his assistant and did not check to see signs of life. Just like Romeo, Tysen Benz did not do any further investigation about his girlfriend and believed everything to be true. Also, Tysen's girlfriend and Juliet both had faked their own death, but for different reasons. Juliet faked her own death to be together with Romeo. On the other hand, Tysen's girlfriend faked her own death as a prank. Therefore, the theme of of the power of love is great because this theme shows to what extent two lovers can go through to be together.
Made By: Ashish MIthani

Romeo and Juliet
-Theme Tracking Project

The movie,
West Side Story
is basically the modern day version of
Romeo and Juliet
. The influences of family dynamics has a large impact upon both movie and play. In the movie, the movie starts out with the two rival gangs (Jets and Sharks) fighting against each other. This leads to one event to another in which one of the main characters (Tony) who is like Romeo dies. This directly correlates to act one, scene one to Shakespeare's
Romeo and Juliet
in which two families (Capulets and Montagues) fight against each other. In the play, events also lead to other events where many characters like Romeo and Juliet die. If it hadn't been for the influences of family dynamics in the movie and play, then none of the characters would have died. Tony (Romeo) and Maria (Juliet) would have survived and lived together ending the feud between their two gangs. Therefore, the influence of family dynamics has a huge impact upon the play and movie in which control the two factors of life and death.
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