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EU law with Group Presentation Skills at NLS

An overview of the undergraduate EU Law Module at Nottingham Law School led by Matthew J. Homewood and Clare Smith.

Matthew J. Homewood

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of EU law with Group Presentation Skills at NLS

EU Law with Group Presentation Skills
Module content
The origins of the European Union and EU law
Please check the NOW learning room
Module delivery
Teaching follows a weekly lecture and seminar pattern

Seminars are hugely important and we'll use the time effectively
Module Leaders
EU law - the most topical of all modules?
The official institutions of the EU
Sources of law
Enforcing EU law
Competition law
Preliminary references
Free movement of goods
Free movement of persons
Whilst such stories clearly grab the headlines, the focus of the EU law module lies elsewhere
Why did the EU develop?
European Parliament?
European Court of Justice?
Treaty Articles, Regulations, Directives?
How do national courts interpret EU law?
Can you use EU law in your own courts? Against whom?
Seminar 1 is issue spotting but please read scenario and see what you think.

We have given great thought over what we need you to do to get the most of the teaching sessions.

See NOW for your seminar instructions.
Essential textbooks
Simon Boyes
CHR 4609

Clare Smith
CHR 5006
Alternative textbook
David Barrett
CHR 5014
Council or European Council?
Price fixing
Too successful?
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