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Wheel of Creative Enigmas of Heraclitus

No description

Densford Center

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Wheel of Creative Enigmas of Heraclitus

That which opposes produces a benefit.
Things love to conceal
their true nature.
The way up and the way
down are one and the same.
Dogs bark at what they don't understand.
Sea water is both pure and polluted:
for fish it is drinkable and life-giving:for humans undrinkable and destructive.
If all things turned to smoke,
the nose would become
the discerning organ.
Everything flows.
The cosmos speaks in patterns.

Your character is your destiny.

Every walking animal is driven
to its purpose with a whack.
The barley-wine drink falls
apart unless it is stirred.
It is disease that makes health pleasant,
hunger that makes fullness good, and
weariness that makes rest sweet.
Knowing many things
doesn't teach insight.
Lovers of wisdom must open their
minds to very many things.
Wheel of Creative Enigmas
When there is no sun,
we can see the evening stars.
Those who approach life like a child
playing a game, moving and pushing
pieces, possess the power of kings.
The doctor inflicts pain to cure suffering.
A things rests by changing.
While we're awake, we share one
universe, but in sleep we each
turn away to a world of our own.

Donkeys prefer garbage to gold.
There is greater need to extinguish
arrogance than a blazing fire.
The sun is new each day.
Expect the unexpected,
or you won't find it.
You can't step into the same river twice.
A wonderful harmony is created when
we join together the seemingly unconnected.
The Sun will not exceed its limits
because the avenging Furies,
minister of Justice, would find out.
I searched into myself.
Many fail to grasp what's
right in the palm of their hand.
The most beautiful order is
a heap of sweepings piled
up at random.
On a circle, an end point can
also be a beginning point.
A creativity tool based on the Ancient Wisdom of Heraclitus adapted by: Roger Von Oech
Compos Piano Seul
by:Philippe Marin
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