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Fad Diets & Healthy Weight Management

No description

brita johnson

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Fad Diets & Healthy Weight Management

True or False
Fad dieting can keep teens from getting enough energy and nutrients
True or False
The diet industry targets teens with a promise of quick weight loss
The Student will be Able to...

Tell the difference between healthy
weight loss plans and strict (or fad) diets

Understand the elements of successful
weight loss and maintenance

Gain an understanding of the principles of weight management, including the dangers of fad dieting, healthy weight gain, and weight loss
True or False
All teens that go on diets need to lose weight
True or False
Teens who follow a strict diet for a while will not usually gain the weight back
True or False
Teens who follow strict diets may not get the nutrition they need to grow and develop properly
& Healthy Weight Management
Fad Diets
Fad Diets
A popular weight-loss method that is not based on sound nutrition principles
Weight Loss Diet Plans
Multi- Billion dollar industry

New diets plans are constantly being developed

Popular for short time

Often based on misinformation
Yo-Yo Dieting
May lead to weight loss for short while

Create unhealthy habits

Weight is regained
Stay clear of any diet plans, pills and products that make the following claims:
Rapid Weight Loss
Quantities and Limitations
Rigid Menus
No Need to Exercise
Specific Food Combinations
Quotes from Teens:
"We feel pressured to look a certain way"

"We want to be in shape for sports"

"We want to look good for the summer"
Dieting Danger Signs
Continues to diet even if not overweight

Feels weak or dizzy

Eats alone

Performs poorly at school

Is afraid of eating certain foods

Loses weight very quickly
Does this diet...
Promise weight loss quickly?

Require you to buy something in order to participate?

Make claims that certain foods are bad?

Use words like "Amazing" "Instant" and "Miraculous"?

Requires you to take a pill?
Registered Dietitian
In-Class Activity
You are to research a popular "Fad Diet"

Create a poster "paper" for this diet with
health benefits and various claims

Front: Diet Name
Health Benefits **4
Various Claims (GOOD)

Back: (in pencil or pen)
Negative Effects of Diet **4
Symptoms and Warnings (BAD)

Your posters will be a quiz grade.
Eating Smarter and Moving More
Personal plan, tailored to your lifestyle and food preferences
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