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English ACT Prep

No description

Teri Howe

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of English ACT Prep

Pace Yourself
- you will have approximately 36
seconds or less per question
You'll be tested:
- for 45 minutes
- in 2 areas
- Usage/Mechanics= punctuation, grammar, sentence structure
- Rhetorical Skills= strategy, organization, and style
- with questions related to the passage or paragraph as a whole, and also with questions related to just a single sentence
- 5 passages of text approximately 40 lines long
- underlined portions for evaluations
- about 15 questions per passage
- 5 passages X 15 questions= 75 questions total
- 4 answer choices per question
- nearly 1/5 of ACT English Questions are correct as written
- Consider the choice "NO CHANGE" every single time
Use "OMIT"
- Once in a while "OMIT the underlined portion" will be a choice
- 25% of the time this will be the correct choice, when it's offered
Don't Make a New Error
- be careful not to choose an answer that causes a new,
different error.
- be sure to only view indents as new paragraphs (the added spaces in this section can sometimes make us think there are more paragraphs that there really are)
Don't Change Every Answer
Separate Tough From Easy
- Answer the easy questions first
- you get just as many points for the easy ones as the hard
- go back to the harder questions if time permits
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