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Safety in the Textiles Room

No description

Giulia Testa

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Safety in the Textiles Room

What is a Hazard?
A hazard is any risk that may endanger the health and safety of any person
Safety Rules!
Ask questions if unsure about something
Walk, no running
Ensure the iron is switched off after use - never touch the plate
Focus on what you are doing
Tell the teacher if you see a piece of damaged equipment

Personal, Protective, Equipment (PPE)
Ensure you wear the correct PPE

Leather shoes
No loose clothing
No jewellery
Long hair tied back
Safety Continued
Clean as you go when in the Textiles room. At the end of the lesson ensure that your work space is left tidy. Sewing machine turned off and packed away, area clean.

Now, you can complete the safety in the classroom worksheet!
Safety in the
Textile Room!

How to we stay safe in the textiles room?
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