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The FPS Addiction

Playing action packed multiplayer FPS games can be an addictive adrenaline rush.

Carel van Wyk

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of The FPS Addiction

The FPS "First Person Shooter" Objective: Shoot the other person!
Combat simulator
Looks like this: Your Enemy (Shoot Him) Your Friend
(Protect Him) Your Gun
(Fire It) HUD Element:
Minimap HUD Element:
Ammo HUD Element:
Score Why we play it: We like shooting things :-)
Competitiveness: Success directly related to Skill (Ranking)
Multiplayer = Teamwork + Strategy + Unpredictability
Extends beyond physical limitations (IRL geek = Game World Badass)
Intense Fast Paced Action = Adrenaline Rush = Addictive Deathmatch (Kill All Enemies)
Capture the Flag
Save Target
Protect Target
Campaign Definitition: 3D Shooter Game
"First Person Perspective" = Eyes of character
Maximum synergy between character and player
Maximum Immersion
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