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No description

Gulnara Sadykova

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Lecture4ComputerAsTool

Automating a task (lower-level thinking) Productive use of student and teacher time 'Mindtools' or facilitating higher-order thinking Most frequently used function Word processing Why to Use? Cost-effective (open software) Practical (may use outside of school) Focus on higher-level cognitive functions Used for "modeling" higher level cognitive skills Can automate teacher's work (grading) Motivating, helpful Desktop Publishing Creation, manipulation, printing, archiving of text and graphics Word processing - “short-circuit” the
mechanical process of writing: generating
ideas, organising them, composing, revising, publishing GRAPHICS PACKAGES PhotoShop, Gimp http://www.gimp.org/ Paint programs Draw programs DATA MANIPULATION Collection, organisation, manipulation, archiving of information Databases (Microsoft Access) Spreadsheets (Excell, gradebooks) PRESENTATIONAL SOFTWARE Power Point, Prezi Create multimedia presentations Teacher lecturing Students' presentations Prezi Tutorial Computer as Tool Prezi Examples http://prezi.com/rv_fnbl0ocxe/prezi/ Present Pefect http://prezi.com/szkjnybxcjmu/why-learn-languages/ Why learn languages?
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