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Laura Tyler;

No description

Remy Joslin

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Laura Tyler;

Laura Tyler;
The Woman With A Hundred Faces
-By Remy Joslin

Biographical Information:
Laura Tyler is a Florida born make-up artist. When Laura was a girl she watched the movie,
and immediately became fascinated with the world of special effects make-up. Laura began working in theme parks as an airbrush tattoo artist. Later that year she got an airbrush set (used for painting and coloring masks and other prosthesis) for Christmas and started experimenting. She started with the basic, inexpensive materials then worked her way up to the big time FX make-up brands.Laura Tyler is now the owner of Creature-Works (based out of Orlando, Florida).

Biographical Information Continued.
In 2012 Laura Tyler was the runner up on a popular TV show called Face Off. (A show where special effects make-up artsiest compete.) She then won Face Off in the following year in a special Veterans of Face Off verses the Newcomers season.
Done by Laura Tyler, using Kryolan Make-up
Done by Laura Tyler (with an associate, Miranda Jorry) using Kryalon Make-up. She used poly foam and card board to make some of the abnormal shapes.
Her inspiration was
Italian Renaissance
Her inspiration was the art form;
Inspired by Wrath
Inspired by a child's drawing
Inspired by Frankenstein
Laura Tyler made this Futuristic Frankenstein with Laney Chantal and Alana Schiro
Made in 20 hours
Made using Kryolon Makeup
Made by Laura Tyler
Using foam latex and Makeup Forever products
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