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Career research

haley fisher

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Photography

attention getter: The art of photography isn't just about taking pictures,it is about saving peoples memories.

Thesis statement:Photography is an art, it takes more than just imagination to accel in this exciting career. Photography! art
art Photography is a wonderful and fulfilling career. In the photography business,many tasks must be performed but there are two main tasks. One task a photographer must perform is the actual photographing. The next important task a photographer performs is photo manipulation. As a photographer, a keen eye is important so you can get that perfect photograph. Also a photographer must know how to set up lighting and other technical applications to get that photograph. Photographers also usually carry props to enhance and better their photographs. Being a photographer means you must know how to use photoshop or another photo manipulation program to better enhance your photos. Using photoshop is a task that is performed because it can make a good photograph turn into a great photograph. SKILLS The photography business isnt just fun and games; it takes many skills to have a job well done. Some skills that are required for the photography business are creativity, imagination, and technical abilities. To be creative and imaginative are some qualities all great photographers have. Without those qualities a photographer will only be fair or good not amazing or great. The photography business also have talent. The talent a photographer possesses is that they know the composition of a good photo and have talented communication skills to direct a situation. In photography people skills are also required. A photographer must be patient with a customer. It may take many shots to get the perfect photo but its all worth it. a photographer must also be understanding. Its all about what the customer wants. working conditions Most photographers own their own business. They usually work around 55 hours a week. Alot of individuals in the photography business work weekends or even nights to either catch up on late work or further their education in photo manipulation by performing tutorials. Fifty five hours a week sounds like alot of work but doing the overtime really can reward a photographer in the long run. money, money, money On average a photographer earns around 23,000 a year when they first start out. Most photographers own their own business so the chance for advancement is less likely but the salary for a photographer can go up to atleast 60,000 a year in some cases. the interviews Most of the time spent in the business is photo manipulation. The photo manipulation is the hardest part. Most of the work activities performed by a photographer is the setup, the photographing and the photo manipulation. Angela says ", She loves being paid for something she loves to do everyday." But angela dislikes how she had to learn accounting and dealing with people who say her job is easy and if they wanted to they could take pictures like her. Education! The first college is THE ART INSTITUTE of schaumberg The tuition is around 7,550! The major i would go in would be fine arts. It would take me four years to complete my degree. The school estimated total expenses would be around 22,000 a year! Which can really add up over four years. Another college i would like to attend is THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. Their campus enrollment for undergraduate students is around 15,000 My estimated total expesnses for this school is around 22,000 The major i would choose here is also a bachelors degree in fine arts. The major i would choose would still be fine arts. Also it would take me 4 years to complete my bachelors degree here. GOALS! My career goal would be to become a skilled and well known photographer and maybe help others learn the art of photography. My education goal would be to get atleast a masters in the fine arts. For my financial goals i would just like to be well off so i could support my future family. My life goal would have to be to just be happy with what ive done and my career. I want to be able to love my job for the rest of my life. WELL....... ok lets recap. The art of photography is amazing! It takes Creative thinking, uniqueness, nerve and talent to be in this wonderful career. If you open your heart to what awaits in the photography business you will surely see its an amazing and rewarding career,with many years to be enjoyed!
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