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Honoring Agile inside a Corporation

No description

Diego Pamio

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Honoring Agile inside a Corporation

A Context Agile Transformation
Process Summarizing Side Notes:
Three examples you can use out of the box
A mind-set(up): to be aware of the brave new world
Inspiration: ultimately, I hope this will make you think and get inspired to realize the next awesome thing to honor agile inside Intel. 1. Examples 2. Mindset 3. Inspiration 60% cycle time spent...
after development ends. Project Leaders
Assuming Responsibility So, how we are
honoring agile despite
our legacy and
current context? a CORPORATION Honoring
Agile... short examples PDT: "Working software is the primary measure of progress." "Code coverage: Working code over comprehensive documentation" We are a TEAM: "The team is the team leader" and counting... Definition of Done: "...and trust them to get the job done." Stakeholder (to the S.M.):
"Can you make sure this story is done by next sprint?"
"Can you add 'unit test coverage' to the list of items in your definition of done?" team.tero@intel.com -Stakeholder: "Who is behind the keyboard??"
-The Tero: "We all are." How the "one voice" concept works Side Note An email arrives to "team.tero@intel.com"
Every team member gets a copy.
Anyone or all of us proposes answers.
The most voted option is sent as team's answer. By email, after daily or just talking on the scrum area. Requirements hand off to
Developers hand off to
Component QA hand off to
Integration QA hand off to... B Weekly Tracking
Meetings (PDT) while actually getting this: wanting this: Self-organized teams one sardine bi-weekly product demos Vertical Slices
(e2e development) Beyond the Examples Awareness and Predisposition Why How A whale of sardines! I'll out of office lecturing in the Agile
2013 Conferences.For any scrum team question, please contact the Tero @ team.tero@intel.com diego.pamio@intel.com
@diegopamio Don't punish everyone for someones mistake
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