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Succeed in brand strategy by copying Slash

8 ideas to make your brand a star, illustrated by real-life examples of the one and only Slash.

Isadora Badi

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Succeed in brand strategy by copying Slash

Have you heard of Saul Hudson, the guitar player?

How about

Create a unique name that helps your brand stand out.

1. Find THE name
Slash rocks.
He doesn’t talk much.

Slash doesn’t make money by creating a Christmas album with “old family favorites”.

Know what your brand does best, and focus on that.

2.Know your strengths
Slash looks like nobody else but Slash.

Can people recognize your brand in less than a second?

Create a unique look
that sticks.

3. Have a look
Slash has a blast talking to fans on social media.

He posts a lot, from cheering on Shark Week to sharing music tips, and responds to their messages.

Engage in a real conversation with your fans. You’ll learn a lot.
6. Connect with your audience
Slash has worked on TV, movies, even video games.

Each project not only makes sense, it also expands his reach and his audience.

Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other respected brands. It can add a lot of credibility and renew your inspiration.

7.Branch out to keep it interesting.
Slash looks like a rock star and walks like a rock star, but he also sounds like a rock star.

Your product must deliver a killer experience
every time.

5. Deliver the goods
Guns n’ Roses ended
ages ago.

Slash continued to grow in the music business, without becoming a “tribute act”.

Keep your brand current and don’t get stuck in the past.
4. Evolve
Slash is passionate about animals and serves as a board trustee of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

Your brand should stand for more than making money.

It can support meaningful causes and contribute to its community without losing its essence.

8. Do good

Now go forth and rock!
Succeed in
brand strategy
by copying
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