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Customized Offers

Why customers like personalized offers and how to provide them through predictive analytics.

Python Predictions

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Customized Offers

Customized The analysis of 'Why customers like
personalized product offers
and how to provide them.' Customized Offers Roadshow: SAS Forum Nederland (6 oct 2010, Bussum)
SAS Forum BeLux (7 oct 2010, Louvain-la-Neuve)
SAS Forum France (14-15 oct 2010, Paris)
Predictive Analytics World (15-16 nov 2010, London)
BAQMaR (16 dec 2010, Gent) While choice initially
seems like a good thing ... too much choice can be
Motivation Powerful
Campaigns in order to create measurable relevant Marketing should be & Results Analysis By analysing
large quantities
of purchase
records... ... we aim to target the right customers
through the right channel at the right time Relevant
Products towards every single customer Through extensive analysis
in different settings, we have
benchmarked different
techniques for predicting
product interests Business
Impact In our C.O. Roadshow,
we will elaborate into detail
on the why, how and
specifically on the...
of analysing which product to offer to which customer yet in order to avoid annoyance relevant marketing means offering... Interested in more? info@pythonpredictions.com
www.pythonpredictions.com Offers
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