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Visualizing Data - Infographics in the Classroom

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Drew Robinson

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Visualizing Data - Infographics in the Classroom

information + graphics = infographics So what is an infographic? Visualizing Data:
Infographics in the Classroom Today's Agenda: 1. What are infographics? What is the purpose of infographics?

2. Why do students benefit from infographics? What makes them so effective?

3. How can a teacher use infographics in the classroom? How can students create their own infographics? Infographics are a popular way to explain complex data/information. Infographics aren't actually a new concept - they've been around for quite some time What is the purpose of an infographic? Florence Nightingale's Coxcomb Chart - 1850's What makes an infographic such an effective teaching tool? With the move to Common Core standards, what skills do we need to emphasize with students? 5 easy ways to use infographics in the classroom How can students create their own infographics? What are the steps to creating an awesome infographic? Types of Infographics statistical
informative find a infographic on the internet and use it to explain a difficult concept in class 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. create an activity analyzing data in an infographic as a starter activity, brainstorm a new topic and create an idea web map out an essay before writing it using a provided data set, create a graph There is a new emphasis on literacy in all subjects - so, whatever the class we teach, we need to focus on literacy development with our students so, what kind of literacy skills can be taught with infographics? digital literacy visual literacy information literacy "Students of all ages encounter these visual texts as frequently as adults do and are expected to understand them, both at school and in everyday living. To reflect this range of literacies, a classroom program needs to include explicit instruction in how visual information works."
- Steve Moline, I See What You Mean Information is available to all types of learners Struggling Readers ELL Learners Young children Visual Learners basic programs students can use to make infographics: Word
Excel free online tools students can use to make infographics: easel.ly
New York Times
Many Eyes
Google Public Data things to consider when starting an infographic project: access to technology
rubrics - be clear about what's expected
multiple deadlines - for each step in the creation process
length of project - allow more time for project if students are new to infographics 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. create a rough draft and edit, edit, edit! pick the right color theme pick the right graphics brainstorm ideas for your infographic research your topic tell a story explain complicated data advocate for an issue create a word problem based on the infographic in front of you Opener: so why would infographics be helpful in teaching digital literacy?
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