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Jennifer Silipino

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Beethoven

His Father
His father was his first music teacher.
He was very abusive and focused a lot of his abuse on Beethoven.
He often lied about Beethoven's age in order to make him look like a child prodigy.
German composer and pianist.
Crucial figure between the Classical and Romantic Era's.
One of the most famous and influential composers of all time.
Born in Bonn, Germany.
Moved to Vienna, Austria in his early 20's.
One of seven brothers and sisters but only 2 brothers survived infancy.
Beethoven withheld publication of his first piece in order for it to gain popularity and then ultimately make more money.
No one was doing this at the time.
He would even compose different versions of music based on which country the music was being sent to. This way he knew if someone had copied it, what country it was copied in!
Beethoven's patron was Prince Lichnowsky.
What is a patron?
Around the year 1796, age 26, Beethoven began to experience hearing loss.
He suffered from tinitus.
This condition causes ringing in your ears.
This is common amongst musicians.
He started to avoid conversations.
His doctor advised him to move to a small country town in Germany. He believed that moving out of a large city would improve the condition.
His hearing loss became so profound that when he conducted the premiere of the 9th Symphony, he had to be turned around to see the audience applauding. He couldn't hear them.
How is it that Beethoven was still able to conduct while being deaf?

Why did he stop performing?
After a bad performance in 1811, Beethoven decided to quit performance and focus solely on composition.
Conversation Books
Beethoven was known to have carried around "conversation books" with him.
What is a conversation book?
Do we still have Beethoven's books today?
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