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Mahatma Gandhi - Freedom Fighter

Gandhis fight. What made him a freedom fighter?

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on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Mahatma Gandhi - Freedom Fighter

What Did He Fight For?
Backround Info

Mohondas Karamchand Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi
Studies in England
Sails to England to study law
South Africa
Agrees to become lawyer in South Africa.

Experienced discrimination
The first protest
Gandhi organizes his first protest against anti-Indian laws in South Africa. He launches a campaign of nonviolent resistance, calles “Satyagraha” to protest discrimination against Indian population.

Gandhi is imprisoned in South Africa.
After the salt march
Gandhi has to go to jail for breaking India’s Salt Laws

Hunger strike
Gandhi went on a hunger strike to protest the British government's treatment of India's lowest caste

Gandhi begins the nationwide Quit India movement

The End
Gandhi is shot and killed at a prayer meeting
in New Delhi
Back home
This year Gandhi returns to India
After a big trial, Gandhi has to go to jail for six years.
and how did he fight?
- The name Mahatma (great soul) was given to Mohondas by an Indian writer
- Why is he so important?
- Freedom
- Discrimination
- Satyagraha
- Gandhi fought for more than one ting:
- Freedom/Independence for India
- Discrimination

- Non-violence - Satyagraha
- Marches, protests, huger strikes and speeches
Why did he get involved?
- Faced a lot of racism in South Africa
- Realized many other countries was being treated the same way
Independence for India
- British had ruled for over three centuries
- Ripping of resources
- Imperialism ruined the people of India
* Wanted to put an end to it
Did he achieve his goals?
Do I agree with the way he worked?
Freedom fighter
or terrorist?
What if he had'nt gotten involved?
What is the situation like now?

Gandhi accomplishes his goal.
Januray 30th 1948
Shot three times, dies instantly
August 15th 1947
India finally gets its independence
Gandhi achieved his goal
India got its independent
August 15th 1947
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