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No description

Charlie Stewart

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Godzilla

Godzilla is a giant
fire breathing lizard.
that was created by
an explosion somewhere
in the Pacific.
King Ghidoragh
King Kong
Is a three headed monster
that shoots lightning from
its mouths. He is also Godzilla's
biggest enemy.
He is a giant ape.
A giant sea dragon
A giant robot created
to destroy Godzilla.
It's skeliton is the bones
of the first Godzilla from 1954.
A robot of Godzilla
made by aliens.When
the aliens tried to
hide this monster they
did not do a good job.
A giant spider .
He is like Mothra but
he wishes to destroy earth.
Mothra is one of the soul protecters
of the earth.You should know what Mothra
is because of his name.The protecters
of Mothra are the Cosmos.
Ebirah is a mutant lobster.
Gigan is an alien from
a alien race that uses
us as its food supply.

Meglon is an alien from
the same alien race as Gigan.
Zilla is just like Godzilla
but a mutant, giant, sea
iguana.Whats weird he
is a male and he laid eggs
in the movie.
To tell you the truth
some of Godzilla's
enemys are his allies.
First stage
Second stage
First stage
Second stage
Godzilla junior
King Ceaser
Anguirus acts like a
armadillo because
it can roll in a ball form
like one.
Rodan is a bird
from the prehistoric
time.It looks like a
Before Bos Island explosion
After Bos Island explosion
He is the son of
Godzilla. He mutated
after an island exploded in th
Godzilla also changed
after the Bos Island
Godzilla cells connected to Mothra and Biollante
went through a black hole and
mutated into a crystal alien form
of Godzilla.
A mutant with the
power to dig anywhere
and at anytime.
An ancient mythical
japanese god.
King Ghidorah never really
was a three headed monster.
People from space moved
Godzillasaurus (Godzilla before
mutationto the ocean
and left three little monsters
called Dorats to mutat on the
Destoroyah is a zero oxygon
monster that has the same
power as the oxygon destroyer
used to kill Godzilla in 1954.
Destoroyah has five stages of
life a micro form, a juvenile form
aggregate form, flying form, and
the final form.
Micro form
Fake Godzilla
Real Godzilla
Titanosarus is a aquatic
dinosaur controlled by
black hole aliens.
Biollante is a genetically engenered
creature composed of 50% plant cells
and 50% godzilla cells. Biollante as two
forms rose and the final form.
Rose form
Final form
Juvenile form
Aggregate form
Flying form
Final form
Monster X
Another alien of the
same race that uses us
as its food source.

An unknown alien
that has no info of
its origin.

Gamera is a giant
turtle. He isn't really a
enemy of Godzilla.
Part of an alien species
that wants to build an
empire on earth.
A giant spider
First stage
Final stage
A.K.A. Keizer Ghidorah
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