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Jordan Brand

No description

Danny Toycen

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Jordan Brand

History Michael Jordan signed with Nike corporation in 1984. He originally liked Adidas shoes more, but they didn’t offer him a contract. Leading to the globally recognized brand of Jordan. Jordan Figures 58% of the U.S. basketball shoe market in 2012 Jordan Brand earned Nike $130 million in its debut year in 1984, highest of any debut brand in the history of athletic merchandise. In 1998, the Jordan line had earned around $2.6 billion for Nike. In 2007, Jordan line alone grossed $800 million. His first shoe, the Air Jordan 1 was banned by the NBA, creating a large buzz about the shoe. In 1996 Jordan Brand becomes a division of Nike. Market Segmentation Demographics
-Age: 15-35
-Gender: Men and Women Geographic
- Mostly urban areas. Target
-People that are fashion conscious Past Promotional Campaigns Mars and Mike -Uses character Mars Blackmon, played
by Spike Lee, from the movie
Shes Gotta Have it. -Was the most popular Jordan Ad -Spike Lee has his own line of shoes due
to the popularity of this promotional
campaign. Free Advertizing Current Promotial Campaign Dare To Fly -Jordan brands newest ad campaign is
promoting the Air Jordan XX8. The
Dare To Fly campaign shows a futuristic
setting to show you that you can change
the game. Jordan Athletes Sports -Basketball
-Boxing Players -Russell Westbrook
-Carmelo Anthony
-Nate Robinson
-Michael Crabtree
-Andre Johnson
-Andruw Jones
-Derek Jeter
-C.C. Sabathia
-Andre Ward Logo The Jumpman logo is so strong and well known that distinguishes from competition.
Just by seeing the Jumpman Logo people will by the product, due to strong brand loyalty with its customers.
This logo accounts for alot of the companies success. Slogan I wanna be like Mike -Popular slogan by Jordan Brand
because most people idolized
Michael Jordan. New Logo & Slogan Logo -Is a similar logo to the World Wide recognized jumpman Slogan - Get up
Fits with the idea of jumping high Advertisement Simple Ad showing Michael
Jordan dunking while wearing
Jordan shoes. Places I would put this ad: -Sports Magazines
-Shoe Magazines
-Some Fashion Magazines
-Billboards Web Work Website - Jordan's website shoes all the items they are selling, along
with items that are yet to release. The site is very easy to
use and works well. http://www.nike.com/jumpman23/index.html# Twitter Facebook https://twitter.com/Jumpman23 https://www.facebook.com/jumpman23 Public Relations Dorenbecher Children's Hospital -Every Year Jordan Makes a new Shoe -100% of the proceeds goes to the hospital Features and Benefits Features -Offers a huge variety of Sneakers
-Where worn by Michael Jordan himself
-High quality materials
-Offer ankle support Benefits -You have a large selection to choose from
-Quality allows you to wear them in sports
-Is a fashion statement Message When your buy Jordan Brand clothing or shoes, you don't
just get the item. You the image of athletic ability and wealth.
A large part of the success of Jordan brand is that Michael Jordan was an unstoppable force in the NBA. This earned him a lot of wealth which people associate with the brand. I want to get people involved with the
Twitter hash-tag at the bottom. Billboard #GetUp Sales Promotion To encourage brand loyalty,
we'd include a matching
Jordan product with the
purchase of a retro line
shoe. + + + -On Jordan's Twitter page we wold incourage and push the hashtag #GetUp. We would also hold monthly contests to win a rare pair of shoes. -Just like on the Twitter page we would hold monthly contests for rare pairs of shoes. The shoes would be different from on the twitter page to encourage the use of both sites. Time-Table January -Publicly release the release times for all of our shoes for the year. April -Since it is the start of spring we will release our "Public Relations" Dorenbecher shoe since they have a spring look. -Launch our #GetUp campaign since the NBA playoffs start in late April shifting more attention to the game. November -Launch a shoe color customizer on the website in time for the basketball season. This will allow your shoes to match your uniform. December -Release all the most popular shoes for the holidays. All Months -Conduct our Facebook and Twitter Contests. TV Ad This TV ad would be played on most TV channels, especially sports channels, and channels with large amount of viewers in the 14-21 age range. -Running this ad on these channels we are targeting our target market.
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