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Which Brand of Popcorn pops the Most Kernels ?

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Krish Dhungana

on 13 November 2016

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Transcript of Which Brand of Popcorn pops the Most Kernels ?

Purpose of doing this experiment
Background Research
My results showed that Orville Redenbacher is the brand that pops the most kernels. My hypothesis was incorrect.
In my data it showed that the average for Orville Redenbacher was 70,for Pop Secret it was 68 and lastly for Act II it was 49. My data shows that Orville Redenbacher has the highest average of popped kernels ,so it popped the most kernels.
The purpose of doing this experiment is to find out which brand of popcorn pops the most kernel. I wanted to know this because, when I buy popcorn some of the kernels don’t pop. That feels like waste of money because you buy a pack and maybe 12 out of all the kernels don’t pop. You don’t get all your money's worth of popcorn. So, I wanted to see which brand would give me my money’s worth of popcorn.
The materials that I used in this project are
three different types of popcorn( Pop Secret,Act II and Orville Redenbacher)
A microwave to pop the popcorn
A bowl to see how many kernels were not popped.
Those are the materials that I used in my experiment.

-"Popcorn “pops” when a tiny amount of water contained in the kernel is heated and turns to steam. When enough pressure builds up inside the kernel, it ruptures, and some starch previously contained within the kernel fuses together as it cools to form a fluffy solid."

-"There are a few reasons why some kernels don’t pop. One is that the popcorn kernel just doesn’t have enough moisture to turn to steam. The other explanation is the outer core is leaky, and causes the steam to escape before it can become super pressurized and explode the outer core."

-It was found by the Aztecs and Mayans in Central America and Mexico and by the Incas in South America.
If Pop Secret pops the most popcorn kernels, then we know Pop Secret is the brand that will pop the most kernels. I think Pop Secret is the brand that will pop the most kernels because Pop Secret has the most moisture in it's kernels and it is the brand that is most bought.

Davidson, A. (2015, September 21) History of popcorn Retrieved October 18 2015, from,http://www.popcorn.org/EncyclopediaPopcornica/WelcometoPopcornica/HistoryofPopcorn/tabid/106/Default.aspx

Holmes, G. (2007, November 17) How popcorn is made Retrieved October 17 2015, from, http://www.madehow.com/Volume-5/Popcorn.html

Avey, T. (2013, October 29) Popcorn a “POP” History Retrieved October 17 2015, from, http://www.pbs.org/food/the-history-kitchen/popcorn-history/

Which Brand of Popcorn will Pop the Most Kernels ?
Independent: Brand of popcorn

Dependent: The amount of kernels popped
The first step is go to the store and buy three brands of popcorn, I bought Pop Secret,Act II ,and Orville Redebacher.
You have to make sure that each pack has the same amount of kernels. Fot mine I had 75 in ecah pack.
The second step is to go home and put the three brands of popcorn in the microwave for 2mins and 30sec.You should do this for three or more trials.
After that, carefully open each bag of popcorn and see how many kernels are Popped. Lastly record your data in you table.

I concluded that Orville Redenbacher poped the most kernels. My data did not support my hypothesis. I found out that Act II out of the three brands that I tested did the worst and Pop Secret did well with an average of 68 popped kernels. I think Act II did the worst because, in my reserch I found Act II has the least amount of moisture in their kernels. My data did not support my Hypothesis because Orville Redenbacher popped the most kernels in each trial while Pop Secret came in second. So Orville Redenbacher's average was better than Pop Secret and Act II
Pop Secret Act II OrvilleRedenbacher's

Number of Kernels Used 75 75 75
Avg. Kernels Popped 68 49 70
Time 2 mins & 2mins&30secs 2mins&30secs
30 secs
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