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Workshop 4


Juan Manuel Millan

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Workshop 4

Network Marketing - Distribution strategy that enables businesses with products or serviced unique and innovative, to positioning their products in the market without the great expense of advertising and mass media, without having to compete for shelf space in retail stores. - Has presence in nearly every region of the world - Is a Business Opportunity Direct Channel Distribution - Catalog shopping
- online shopping
- shop at home A) Team President
B)Millionaire Team
C)GET Team
D)TWA (Team World Active) :
E)Wholesaler There are not wholesalers, this is only the name of this level)
F)Qualified Product
H)Distributor Producer Consumer Herbalife used exclusive distribution People who buy the license are permitted to sell or distribute the product, and this distribution consists of selecting and establishing a single point of sale in each area. That is, in a predefined region, a dealer only receives the exclusive right to sell the brand and generally agrees not to sell competing brands.

Is well-defined target audience, developing a sales effort, there is a comprehensive control by the producer price of the good or service is lower distribution costs, and to choose outlets, have fewer to attend and can eliminate higher cost involving sending the product. In addition, the manufacturer usually exercises some supervision in order to ensure quality.
However, it has one drawback with this type of distribution waive a portion of sales. Channels Systems Independent Distribution For be independent distribution you will get: • Improve your nutrition, appearance and economy.
• Earn extra income without leaving your current job.
• You decide to work part time or full time.
• Get training at National and International level. The way to sell their products is give a business opportunity, direct sales business, involved only one person between the product and the consumer. This opportunity business is designed only for people who have the desire to control their own destiny working from home or office, earning income that will allow a better lifestyle. No need people with experience or profession in any specific area. All you need is to work and want to learn. Criteria used by the company to reach exposure of the product in the market -Health
-Vanity Electronic Marketing Media Internet distribution

Outdoor media Herbalife world wide presence they make an special division considering the role the country play in the company, the geographic position and they have divide the countries they have presence as -Herbalife does not have a direct sell approach to the client -The strict politics referred to the end user and its distributors that have given the success that the company have these days. Herbalife Does not have a dual distribution System Characteristics of the distribution
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