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Theology of the Body for Teens

Chapter 5 Sex, Love, & Chastity

Sister Mary Rebekah Odle-Kemp

on 30 November 2011

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Transcript of Theology of the Body for Teens

Boys & Girls are Different
Sins against Chastity
Chapter 5
I am totally yours!
Until death do us part!
Male & Female He created them.
What do we learn from the creation of Eve from Adam's rib?
-It is not good for man to be alone
-At last! Bone from my bone, flesh from my flesh.
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
If the body speaks a language, what does the language of sex say?
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
- Sex is more than the physical intimacy that
leads to babies.
- Your sex is everything that makes you a male
and a female
-Your body
-The way you think
Everything we have discussed
so far is affected by sex.
The sexes
are not opposites
This complementarity leads to
romantic attraction,
which can eventually lead
to a unique, exclusive love.
Other body languages express certain things:
-hugging -kissing
-holding hands -smiling

But... the sexual union involves the total body. So the marital union says...
God created human attraction.
And everything that God created is GOOD!
So why do we get all awkward and
"whatever" about it?
Saving sex for
marriage will
make you happy!
Virtue that helps us
to love ourselves and
others rightly, through
our bodies.
Refraining from
intimate sexual
speaking and dressing in a way
that respects God's design for
our bodies.
The opposite of love
is not hate...
it's using!
-Tendency to sin.
-Affects every aspect of
our lives.
-The opposite of chastity.
-Distorts sex into an expression of
total selfishness.
-Violates the language of love.
Other distortions of sexuality:
-Not total gift of self
-Total act of selfishness

-Touching your own body, particularly
the sexual parts, to experience sexual

Homosexual Acts
-Distorts the purpose of sexual union.
-Homosexual Persons are still persons,
which means they are to be
treated with love.
-Homosexual inclinations or attractions
are disordered.
-Homosexual acts are sinful, because they
violate the way we were created.
What can you do right
now, with all this information
that is packed in this chapter?

-Make as many friends as possible!
-Pray for your friends!
-Talk to your parents about the
feelings you have right now!
-Go to confession at least once
a month!
This is the purpose of
dating... to discern
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